Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves


  • succy succinton
    succy succinton

    a game of operation but if you mess up it tazes you

  • tlb

    What da dog doin

  • Andrea Vergani
    Andrea Vergani


  • Timomymo YT
    Timomymo YT

    hmm yes he's ded

  • Kevin Herring
    Kevin Herring

    Make a robot that makes you breakfast when your alarm goes off

  • Keqing Simp
    Keqing Simp

    0:37 *Lua*

  • KuzeyTr 181
    KuzeyTr 181

    murderers would use this

  • Katarat Ruengdit
    Katarat Ruengdit

    Robot dog

  • S Avgoulis
    S Avgoulis

    is he adoptid???

  • ImBadPleaseDontHurtMe

    make a machine that would instantly call pokimane or make a robot that shots u everytime u drink water @michael reeves

  • Faron the fox
    Faron the fox

    Wheres your crak pip

    • Faron the fox
      Faron the fox

      This would only be made bye someone on crak

  • chubbz

    you should make a mini spot

  • Rictual

    I’m extremely confused how he knows how to do this like mate wtf I can’t even do math or I don’t even know fucking coding I’m a dumb bitch-

  • Brandon Rugen
    Brandon Rugen


  • N


  • thefriendlymachine 2
    thefriendlymachine 2


  • Crazy kid
    Crazy kid

    I can’t breathe

  • Crazy kid
    Crazy kid


  • Yeet boi 7710
    Yeet boi 7710

    Facial detection? Nah I prefer racial detection!

  • EthanDude 329
    EthanDude 329

    Make shoes some how with wires

  • Liam & Zooey Gaming Experience
    Liam & Zooey Gaming Experience

    Michael is the type of person you want to bring to a nerf war.Not because he has skill but because he probably has a nerf gun that shoots a nerf dart at the speed of a bullet

  • Yeet boi 7710
    Yeet boi 7710

    So me am robot man + Me do robot thing = Fix problem!

  • Music Gamer8
    Music Gamer8

    7:17 top left

  • carter Bowley
    carter Bowley

    "Its an engineering masterpiece" so I wanna make it piss beer into a cup

  • thereisanappforit

    Next month, Michael buys Tesla car to make it brew beer.

  • Amy Bleiler
    Amy Bleiler

    I love how he literally dised himself

  • SySyPhantom

    keep posting

  • areallylongname

    Me who knows C# from brackeys: Interesting

  • SplatoonKitty101

    5:10 I can finally read the last word on that poster... *Him*

  • Savage foox
    Savage foox

    What if you programmed spot

  • Savage foox
    Savage foox

    Fun fact I made discount Minecraft with the this

  • Kim Kale
    Kim Kale

    3:50 Michael Reeves getting excited about catching a baby on fire

  • Magnetic Wolf
    Magnetic Wolf

    Why do you always have to make a joke that's like very rude but I still like to travel but just stop being very rude it's making me very upset about that and I feel very angry every time you do it

  • Magnetic Wolf
    Magnetic Wolf

    Why you always have to be rude to your viewers

  • Macaroni_king

    Now make a robot that shits brownies

  • Evan Fitzgerald
    Evan Fitzgerald

    He sounds like he's about to snap for like 99% of the video.


    When did he grow a beard

  • Magnetic Wolf
    Magnetic Wolf

    What's up for you boy cuz you are going to have to build everything they say so that's stupid you have to build everything they say just don't do it just tell him to stop or do you be complete work so yeah that's going to work I like your channel it's the best I've watched one of them though so thank you for making the robot that screams but I did not I'm not one of those question boys

  • Midnight

    No idea if you're still reading comments but whatever- Would the BIG METAL PISTON SPIKE have been more accurate if the camera was positioned above looking down? With the camera at an angle, I think it would have a slight offset, that *could* be solved by taking the tangent of the angle of the camera and how high the camera is in the air, but it's easier solved by just centering the camera looking down.

  • nico

    WTF is oatmeal lol 😂 i love ur backgroung

  • Otakuxmia

    what if Boston dynamics saw that and said to refund your robot dog

  • KayKay

    Yo what the fuck is oatmeal

  • Liam Beasley
    Liam Beasley

    Honestly thought real blood came out

  • killdyouback

    God you exude so much chaotic energy at all times.

  • Marika Griffith
    Marika Griffith

    2:39 I was eating bread and genuinely fuckin choked, thanks for the near dead experience

  • Veshnego

    “I just wanted to electrocute people" best ever quote.

  • EyeDontEvenKnow


  • GamimgwithRexsio 25
    GamimgwithRexsio 25

    4182: makes a cyber lazar tanks Micheal Reeves son: I want it to shoot babies

  • tacoman2056

    Make a robot that when you touch it it screams fuck you

  • LowMilesLegion

    make a car that runs you over when ever you walk infront of it

  • alecboi777

    imagine having alzheimer’s and forgetting that an engine exists then the car stops

  • Joe Schlong
    Joe Schlong

    Micheal looks like a high schooler

  • Bingus

    13:34 It would've been an immaculate shot if Michael also started peeing

  • CheapNotch

    I love nerd shit!

  • Sahara

    ha you think 2018 was bad

  • AwesomeRG Animates
    AwesomeRG Animates


  • Devlin drifts585
    Devlin drifts585

    Make a Sniper Tazer

  • Caleb Fenner
    Caleb Fenner

    Build a painting that looks at people as they walk past, then looks away when they look at the painting.

  • Soup Can
    Soup Can

    His girlfriend be like: You used parts of my bed for what???

    • Chris Detty
      Chris Detty

      If you didn't know, his girlfriend is Lily, so I think shit like that is just expected now 😂

  • Beefy Box
    Beefy Box

    Make an tazeing door every time you touch it

  • QTIPMAN 64
    QTIPMAN 64

    Oi you didn't credit Sam and Max theme

  • Pheonix_7789

    now buy military drones and give them a free will ai and let them destroy the world

  • Patrick

    11:30 He made a car that accelerates when you panic...

  • Match Kureiji
    Match Kureiji

    has anyone else realized that michael kinda looks like victor from despicable me...

  • Purple Pineapple
    Purple Pineapple

    Oh GoLlY gEe IvE bEeN aSsAuLtEd

  • killer wol34
    killer wol34

    When you were trying to find a person to test it on a kool aid man ad popped up XD

  • PugMag3

    Make a roomba that moans

  • john Skyleir
    john Skyleir

    your tinny little boy do you want me to teach you how to code properly ... your fingers are so small

  • Pheonix_7789

    and that kids is how i got permanently banned from target

  • Mr. Wingding
    Mr. Wingding


  • Karim Fadi
    Karim Fadi

    Make another video about the arm robot arm

  • Karim Fadi
    Karim Fadi

    You're alive I need to see to you stupid

  • Jodalec

    I love your videos ! I just want to know, how are you able to do such thing, did you study something at school or you're just a self-learner ? Hope i can order one, i love beer, BELGIUM loves you

  • Red Tv
    Red Tv

    why not make a spider bot that works just like spot but could climb with magnets

  • Rory McDowell
    Rory McDowell

    Make a bomb

  • istoleyourlawnmower

    build a robot that draws images/faces with an etch-a-sketch

  • istoleyourlawnmower

    build a machine that draws images/faces with an etch-a-sketch

  • MrDSMek

    he could lose his arm..... WTF

  • 1234five

    I wonder if Boston Dynamics has actually replied until now