Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves


  • Dragon 3read
    Dragon 3read

    4:23 made me laugh so hard damn

  • Matt Dela Cruz
    Matt Dela Cruz

    Filipino hitler = Duterte

  • Tekceb-12

    Make the swearing roomba

  • Clockwise J
    Clockwise J

    Build a robot that watches you when you when you sleep. :)

  • Packetsss

    build a walking chicken

  • AwfulMusik

    I love tomatoes.

  • Deniss Lihhuša
    Deniss Lihhuša

    Everybody asks ‘’Where is Waldo?’’, but no one asks ‘’How is Waldo?” ((

  • Sam Bishop
    Sam Bishop

    Michael's face has lowercase everything except for his nose

  • AwfulMusik

    Those robotic spot dogs are going to be hunting us down soon.

  • AwfulMusik

    A toilet with a robotic arm, that stuffs your poos right back up your bum.

  • JChanneL

    *I now have trama*

  • TheKingNerd

    Michael: I didn't go to school Also Michael: Now it's pissing on my old school

  • Joseph Gavrilovich
    Joseph Gavrilovich

    Me trying to learn code

  • scratxh cat
    scratxh cat

    I have never agreed with micheal more then ever

  • Combat Hat
    Combat Hat

    reminds me of Harry Potter, AlbertStuff, and Mark Rober all at the same time

  • Hehehe, yup
    Hehehe, yup

    The fact that jeff bezos funded this is… terrifying.

  • Fazriel Rayyan
    Fazriel Rayyan


  • Joshua Wintermeyer
    Joshua Wintermeyer

    Build a robot that you thinks good

  • XandG1223

    Don't live with this guy, you will be in a heated session of warzone and then he just takes your Xbox to turn it into a taser

  • ARipeBanana

    The 9,500 dislikes are from DaVinci robots and employees. Cope harder robots.

  • Benjimon

    Make a robot that tasers the losers in a lagoon game

  • Stingray308_ YT
    Stingray308_ YT

    modify a drone or RC plane to put out fires, and a way to detect what kind of fire it is (like wood, electrical, etc.)?

  • Emma デロリ Terlecky
    Emma デロリ Terlecky

    I used to fantasize about getting electrocuted

  • Tehee Man
    Tehee Man

    Hey Michael, Make a robot that insults everyone’s terrible robot ideas.

  • Eric Gates
    Eric Gates


  • MeanMule

    hahahah special mention for the filipino hitler was hilarious

  • NotASquid

    where do you put all of your inventions, do you scrap them. Do you have a room specifically for all your inventions?

  • Cristian Giaccio
    Cristian Giaccio

    I realize that this man can invent a mashin that kan kill you and from Is work out lateli

  • Biruk Abraham
    Biruk Abraham

    I dont think he likes tomatoes

  • Egg-e

    can you make a robot that auto shoots when you tazer gun points at someone A.I.M.B.O.T

  • Coolmonkey

    You should make a robot a fan that follows you so when you lay in bed you don’t have to get up to move the fan on you.

  • Jazzatic2011

    “It’s MaAaA yb.b.bee noOOot a..a.as ss.sstAaaabLe aassSs yOU wanT .t .t It toOo BeEe”

  • johnnylol

    This is depressing

  • The Kachigga
    The Kachigga

    Why would anyone complain about nerd shit in your videos? I like it when people explain stuff to me that I barely understand. I know that sounded sarcastic but I’m being serious

  • loooney_playz

    You should make a robot that every time someone says a robot idea it makes you say on there thats a shitty idea

  • AwfulMusik

    Michael sometimes reminds me of Michael from achievement hunter.

  • Raid

    Michael: Fortnite is a garbage game. Me: Thank you. At least some knows it's fucking trash.

  • Desmond

    Are you Harry Potter

  • John Grefalda
    John Grefalda

    Yooooo i cant belove that this man rejected fortnite in a sonsorship just to say their game is shit

  • jalen clendon
    jalen clendon

    Sobbing* oh the trash this is gonna make * supercharges emp blast*

  • 27wille

    Now try to put you salad in it with a red glove...

  • Vergil

    The most iconic line of all time

  • Joshee Who
    Joshee Who

    Michael is a crazy ass.. I love it! I wrote a song about his inventions on my channel. Its called "Michael's Ding-Ding Land" It might be up your alley if your a fan of Michael ;)

  • Plainrocky123


  • Eliott Ravfalk
    Eliott Ravfalk

    Make robot robot

  • Oliversmemes24

    We have a cup

  • Apple wow
    Apple wow

    Lazer baby

  • ✨Mochi✨

    . 9:50. .

  • Oliversmemes24

    I’m 11

  • pvt3lm0

    Make a robot that invents bad robots

  • Oliversmemes24

    Mans got nuteterd

  • SteveTheSlayer

    69k comments... nice

  • FatyKaty

    Make a rc car

  • Page 2
    Page 2

    The moment he mentioned the kommunist manfifesto I emidiatly thought that someone would also have sent "Mein Kampf" or "Total War". No one did so he has a surprisingly wholesome community. Edit: It is possible that they are blocked on amazon, I didn't look it up.

  • pillow man
    pillow man

    Make a paellow that make a loud noise at midnight

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf

    Make a robot that can 👩‍🍳

  • Oisin Wade
    Oisin Wade



    10:03 so how did the head surgery go?

  • willliid

    Will and miachael: celebrating really loudly with air raid siren Guy in backround with camera emoji for face just sitting there: 📷

  • Pegy

    but why didn't he strap them down on the chair and leave them tasering for a minute or two

  • ✨Mochi✨

    4 words. *BIG* *METAL* *PISTON* *SPIKE*

  • Jonathan Smoak
    Jonathan Smoak

    I'm getting so much anxiety at how reckless he is with the knife

  • Tosharu Gaming
    Tosharu Gaming

    make a robot that shouts "SUBSCRIBE TO MICHAEL REEVES" everytime it bumps in to somthing

  • Victor Meneses
    Victor Meneses

    Bro wtf I thought there were airpods I’m the salad 8:10

  • The ad man
    The ad man

    He unneutered the robot dog

  • elias dewhurst
    elias dewhurst

    tazer gloves

  • Kitsune_ gaming
    Kitsune_ gaming

    make a robot that shouts a random meme when you swear at it

  • Confuzian

    I WANS PUNCH BTS FIGIES AND DESTROED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sunscreen 81
    Sunscreen 81

    Make a machine that plays mancala and then gets depressed

  • Confuzian

    i like u i taze myself for fun :)

  • Mr. Monitor
    Mr. Monitor

    Make a robot that shames people for making bad robot ideas for you

  • Gotham Gamer
    Gotham Gamer

    Make an electronic jeep with a gun on the roof that detects a large fruit or vegetable and shoots it :)

  • CPK

    Build a robot that brushes your teeth for you

  • AK 47
    AK 47

    Hey man, lemme pop that zit.

  • Evil Exits
    Evil Exits

    1:24 best part, no contest