Electrocuting My Muscles to Force me to Dab
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elijah who - skateboard p
PinkOmega - Trap Dumplings

  • Mike the Knight
    Mike the Knight

    I can remember going to a hospital and getting my nerves checked out with the same machinery except its not made to make you dan

    • Mike the Knight
      Mike the Knight


  • The One
    The One

    How perfect. watching someone in pain being forced to dab against his will

  • Fovalaies

    Girls: Did you know that we live longer than boys? Boys:

  • breadity

    If someone tried to cancel him he would say you cant cancel someone who wants to be canceled

  • APO6

    n o m o m o n e y

  • Mike Zamora
    Mike Zamora

    12:27 the website actually exists

  • Cooldudewhynotrelax

    Literally everybody on Michael house when Michael screams: aw shit, here we go again

  • Roy Padgett
    Roy Padgett

    Gotta love the pink guy song in the background

  • ThePaul555

    That thumb though

  • Dylan Mewett
    Dylan Mewett

    i love hearing michael scream

  • Doggo Da One
    Doggo Da One

    If Peter Parker went bad

  • Ryan Rushworth
    Ryan Rushworth

    A walking chair

  • Ryan Rushworth
    Ryan Rushworth

    I love it

  • Z4CK 0512
    Z4CK 0512


  • h7opolo

    ah, such are the seemingly benign beginning developments of remote-controlled humans. The current developments in medical tech include "medical sensors" that adhere to the skin and transmit sensor data wirelessly to medical servers. This "medical" device is the metaphorical Trojan horse for surrendering even more autonomy and privacy.

  • Tomato_man

    I like how this is what he is doing with his smarts LOL.

  • Psychot

    jeremy looks dead Inside , Regretting every single life choice he Had since that day

  • Spherical Cube
    Spherical Cube

    The first 15 seconds went from terrible to great

  • Connor Morrison
    Connor Morrison

    The 12k Dislikes have to be from the first minute of the video

  • Caleb Doyle
    Caleb Doyle

    This is the first ever Michael reeves video I saw, and I’m watching it again in 2021, wondering if Michael and jeremie still talk

  • dominic mayo
    dominic mayo

    you are the crackhead harry potter of tech

  • Em Kayne Spires
    Em Kayne Spires

    A robot that sprays water on your face every time you start to fall asleep

  • MyarmsRgone

    Dumbest smart guy ever

  • joe higashi
    joe higashi

    Harry crackhead and the electric dabbing

  • circosomatico

    I have the theory that a mad genius somewhere took a strand of Michael Stevens' hair and created Michael. Thing is, it went holyshitballschaotically wrong.

  • Mikael Oliver
    Mikael Oliver

    Next: building a robot that makes me record dead people against my will

  • Ty Dombeck
    Ty Dombeck

    anyone watching this in summer 2021 when you could be doing something amazing, but your watching this?

  • 360 DEGREES
    360 DEGREES

    1:41 Whats the image on the wall

  • Zeke Hess
    Zeke Hess

    "You want to make someone dab against their will, you're not alone. Hi I'm Michal and I'm a diagnosed psychopath." Best line ever

  • Zeke Hess
    Zeke Hess

    This sounds so fricking painful.

  • gamenight 8003
    gamenight 8003

    Your website no longer exists

  • Crowded Crouton
    Crowded Crouton

    Is he a Logan Paul fan?

  • recheio SAAS
    recheio SAAS

    That is fucking torture dude

  • Sarah Le
    Sarah Le

    Please tell me why I enjoyed watching his arm bounce up and down so much at 2:00 XD

  • 『Random boi』☆♦︎
    『Random boi』☆♦︎

    There’s nothing better I’m the morning than seeing people scream in agony and forced to dab against there will

  • Jacob Dino
    Jacob Dino

    In a truly ironic twist, the website he made is itself now for sale.

  • Studying Like a normal person
    Studying Like a normal person

    Can I have that poster

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    Narcisitic as f%@#%@$

  • christopher lawrence
    christopher lawrence

    he left it in the description lmaooooooo

  • christopher lawrence
    christopher lawrence

    my gee made a whole ... bought a domain just to say go fuck yourself ... this man is a genius..... looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Aetherisme

    How many times did you press that fucking button

  • DeathGun

    I love that he used Dumplings by Pink Guy during the explanation

  • Chromedroid007

    Any1 else get an ad for dababy icing out with a diamond tester

  • The mc doodle clan
    The mc doodle clan

    Dad dad dab

    • The mc doodle clan
      The mc doodle clan


    • The mc doodle clan
      The mc doodle clan


  • The mc doodle clan
    The mc doodle clan


  • The mc doodle clan
    The mc doodle clan


  • Certified Hood Classic Rater
    Certified Hood Classic Rater

    After this parody Logan Paul realized he was a mistake and redeemed himself

  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski

    sooooo micheal said he put the electrodes...all over his body 😅

  • Jesus Your man
    Jesus Your man

    A pilopino copycat of nilered

  • TheJamJar

    1:32 Wait, What?

  • No life Pizza
    No life Pizza

    “But that dead guy put up a fight!”

  • epiccgamer

    Michael: "Dab on the haters" Also Michael: 11:07

  • epiccgamer

    Hater: *Walks Up* Michael: 11:07

  • Hunterdude 9368
    Hunterdude 9368

    “Hi I’m Michael and I’m a psychopath

  • Finnegan Jensen
    Finnegan Jensen

    You have a sick wallpaper.

  • Orion055 II-II
    Orion055 II-II

    you know you could just... take a gun, and threaten someones life that seems easier

  • Orion055 II-II
    Orion055 II-II


  • E.A S
    E.A S

    Someone should test it on ElectroBoom

  • Aylon Bubli
    Aylon Bubli

    I’m not sure if he’s diagnosed psychopath or just straight up psychopath

  • The hunting outdoors
    The hunting outdoors

    No one: Litterally no one: Micheal:my glasses look like this because every ISnets cut my monetization for playing that prank on the orphanage with mustard gas

  • Solared618


  • Shawn Alfaro
    Shawn Alfaro

    michael screaming gives me life

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    Make a generator from an tesla motor so it can generate power

  • Luke landreville
    Luke landreville

    Imagine having 11million views and having only 498k likes

  • Justina Chandler
    Justina Chandler

    B.e.S.T f'u''l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's - E-R-O-T-I-C---- .❤️ 垃圾 PRIVATE SNAP : ️⤵️ WTF-Baby♥️ lovemeets.fun/privatexxx272only √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание#

    • CaptZack1234

      What even is this bot?

  • Drink Bourbon
    Drink Bourbon

    This man really wanted to become a super villain

  • Misac Tiba
    Misac Tiba

    14:20 turns out it's real. Who would have guessed?

  • Bruh Gaming
    Bruh Gaming

    This is on youtube...music BRUH

  • Gabriel Constantin
    Gabriel Constantin

    9:51 shreak

  • kevin arista
    kevin arista

    Satan fears this man.

  • DrDepper LP
    DrDepper LP

    Michael: "You can't have this" Me: *makes identical copy and prints it at Walmart"

  • drink me
    drink me

    intro fire

    • LuckBoxPD


  • Kurtishomo

    is that the real sheen estevez

  • YASU_X

    Does anyone think he looks like Tom Holland

  • Moses Racal
    Moses Racal

    Rumors say this was the first murder michael ever did, it was with jeremy he experienced the euphoria of bloodlust

  • Moses Racal
    Moses Racal

    Jeremy being a real homie man

  • C Senouci
    C Senouci

    Why does he say he’s stupid

  • C Senouci
    C Senouci


  • dana kuhn
    dana kuhn

    so what should i be more concerned about? that he tried to beat up a dead guy or the fact the dead guy almost won?

  • V LF
    V LF

    you have heaps of money you fucking liar

  • Oscar DeMarse
    Oscar DeMarse

    This guy has my kind of jokes

  • SamIsCoolerThanYou

    You should use this to create a remote control human

  • Jacklyn Cervantes
    Jacklyn Cervantes

    I will not happy to be his friend if I will end up as his tester..😂🤣

  • The Golden Forge
    The Golden Forge

    i can focus with his arm moving up and down

  • Matthis K.
    Matthis K.

    It is the perfect german machine

  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat

    Pretty sure people are too scared to call bs on you micheal

  • Jacob Good
    Jacob Good

    You are asian tom holland

  • Felix Bauer
    Felix Bauer

    I'm actually disappointed the website is no longer up :(

    • WyvernRex

      Reality is often disappointing

  • Kevin Heross
    Kevin Heross

    This dude look like Peter Parker if he never became Spider-Man.

  • Specs

    I will never dab. No matter the cost, no matter that pain, I will NEVER dab.

  • nodvick

    before I actually watch the video, a robot that forces you to tap a cloth with pressure against a surface in order to better absorb and not spread around a liquid sounds like the dumbest thing you have made yet, and one of the dumbest ideas you've ever had the motivation to make.

    • nodvick

      well I have fuck-all idea what you are doing but somehow it looks dumber than a box that shocks you into correctly cleaning stains out of the carpet

  • nixo cox
    nixo cox

    hes stupid

  • Jimmy Hernandez
    Jimmy Hernandez


  • Zaheer VI
    Zaheer VI

    6:47 Reminds me of Sugar Pine 7's Alternative Lifestyle. Aka the old Steve Suptic content because of the music and style. Someone had to say it.

  • Possibly Eli
    Possibly Eli

    This is a form of torture

  • Eric Link
    Eric Link

    Can you make a robot, that if it detects a religios symbol in a Room, it just burnes down the whole Room

  • R wooosh
    R wooosh

    6:55 Where's the black leather couch?

  • LemonRoaster

    This is torture

  • Some_dude_lol Idk
    Some_dude_lol Idk

    In the end it looked like the device was forcing him to make the hitler salute lmao

  • Bhradain Salmon
    Bhradain Salmon

    I got my English teacher to let us watch this in class bc we were looking at frankenstein