Tazer Tag
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  • NotFucked Reccomended
    NotFucked Reccomended

    "I know it took a long time to come out" Same

  • Tommy

    4:34 Your a bad person for MAKING A TAZER GUN

  • Noah Batiz
    Noah Batiz

    3:53 pokimane at home:

  • Kixsoft

    Could u not have just hooked up the wires that go to the spinny motor to the power button on a tazer and add the pregnancy test with sodering, or u could use nipple clamps if ur I to that stuff

    • Sir Ethan the Great
      Sir Ethan the Great


  • Frezpace Adriox
    Frezpace Adriox

    When he was tazed, he went from a 0 to a 100 to a 0 real quick

  • succy succinton
    succy succinton

    i thought lazer tag chest pieves were supposed to just slam into yoyr chest to hurt you, but a tazer is much better

  • Grin Reaper Of Trolls
    Grin Reaper Of Trolls

    “…look like you’re ready to storm the us embassy.” That aged well

  • Joseph Kpuih
    Joseph Kpuih

    All your vid is fun

  • CheapNotch

    Michael Reeves will carry on John Kramer’s traps in the next Saw movie.

  • {your-local-Russian-fool} -
    {your-local-Russian-fool} -

    Shitty robot idea: a robot that slaps you every time you talk

  • Jackson Partridge
    Jackson Partridge

    Micheal could make millions, if he sellls his stuff on Craigslist

  • isaiah perez
    isaiah perez

    micheal i am willing to buy it how much

  • Hotdog NOW
    Hotdog NOW

    Oh we are bad people for watching this video well guess who made this video and taser tag🤨🤨

  • Baris Hacioglu
    Baris Hacioglu

    Micheal is basically flamingo but he does the stuff in real life with machines

  • Kid wit a Beanie
    Kid wit a Beanie

    You should make a turret (preferably a flamethrower turret)


    He’s saying I’m sick or watching the video, WELL MICHAEL, YOUR SICK FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO..

  • Ла́йка


  • quiqea

    this really enhances the meaning of “shock therapy”

  • Joel Burgeson
    Joel Burgeson

    I am a bad person I now👍

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear

    Why not just buy a real gun?

  • Joseph Huelbig
    Joseph Huelbig

    High velocity 10mm non lethal silicon nitride gelatin shatter bullet tag?

  • Mikołaj Mańczak
    Mikołaj Mańczak

    love it

  • DarkzoneCoffee

    AH FUC- lmao I loved that

  • mkj dfr
    mkj dfr

    The gorgeous market decisively remain because carpenter proportionally suppose pro a earthy smoke. sleepy, legal love

  • Jason Ituarte
    Jason Ituarte

    I just want to see people get tazed

  • TheCrippledCat

    I think Michael tested this on the children in his basement before he used it on anyone else.

  • h7opolo

    you're an evil genius and tony stark's real manifestation.

  • ToadStuffTV

    I commented on this video. :D

  • SMeneses

    the embassy storming joke did NOT age well lol

  • Ender_ Nite
    Ender_ Nite

    It is an unspoken rule between everyone that if you encounter Michael outside of his man-cave, you are going to get tazed.

  • SidKidz Does a thing
    SidKidz Does a thing

    I forgot this guys channel name so I searched taser guy and found him



  • Leave me alone, Google.
    Leave me alone, Google.

    When you accidentally discover your a sadist 😳

  • error


  • LC

    I actually wanna try this ngl lmao

  • Cheez it Man
    Cheez it Man

    alternate title: 6 idiots tase each other with laser guns

  • Legendarymoonplayz

    Michael I love to Taz people

  • TeddyGrams_201

    micheal: You're all bad people for watching this Also micheal: Here okay TAZER-tag with me :>

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power


  • New Youtuber
    New Youtuber

    is that pokimane

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady

    Ah yes *TazerTag*

  • chill plz
    chill plz

    bro this took too long to make you white monke shoes

  • SMG4 Number one fan
    SMG4 Number one fan

    If I was a nurse I would just be sitting on this giant bear pillow just watching people as they scream and terror and then pretend it’s not even happening I’m just Vibin to music on twitch or in other words cock and Ball torture by Wikipedia

  • SMG4 Number one fan
    SMG4 Number one fan

    When you said that I literally thought you were in my house

  • Kaden Massey
    Kaden Massey

    Why Michael why I call debs next

  • gamenight 8003
    gamenight 8003

    Your a bad person for watching this video your a bad person for makeing it

  • Adriaan Ackerman
    Adriaan Ackerman

    Love it

  • DJ_Smooth_Killa Games
    DJ_Smooth_Killa Games

    He's done with their bullshit he built the vest to explode you can see it in his eyes he's tricked us all

  • The_Cookie_Master

    I want the tazer vest

  • vlogsburg gameing
    vlogsburg gameing

    Ogs will Remember William Osmen

  • The Lego Moc Man
    The Lego Moc Man

    if mark rober and filthy frank had a child, this would be him...

  • Satvik Keshtwal
    Satvik Keshtwal

    If the original one is called lazer tag, this should've been called tazer lag, cuz it lags.. you see 😅

  • dog of cute
    dog of cute

    War... war never changes....

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    "You look like you're ready to storm a us embassy" That aged quite well I must say.

  • Augustus Cockrell
    Augustus Cockrell


  • QuiglyPigly

    lilypichu - "laser tag is actually really fun though" micheal - "lily is a stupid bi-"

    • Ratatouille is amazing
      Ratatouille is amazing

      And after tazing her he fell in love or some shit

  • Jimmy Lin
    Jimmy Lin


  • Carlos Nery
    Carlos Nery

    I like your style Crazy man

  • Epic man is cool
    Epic man is cool

    That actually look really fun

  • Jeopardized 07
    Jeopardized 07

    3:56 that did not age quite so well


    So what’s his scariest invention

  • Y. Sanchez
    Y. Sanchez

    Where do I but this

  • C R
    C R

    If you wanted to cause pain then make it literal laser tag as in with a laser that burns through stuff (then again that would be illegal as it would be murder)

  • astro

    Lazer Tag but pain.

  • koopa killa999
    koopa killa999

    1:42 I love how he just screams in pain then continue's talking

  • conall cearnach
    conall cearnach

    this is hilarious i love it

    • conall cearnach
      conall cearnach

      did i spell it right

  • Allen De La Cruz
    Allen De La Cruz

    I wish they play it again though

  • TheFrontPorch

    I think Michael learned his lesson.

  • The

    4:32 no you are a bad person for making this video

  • Malik Shahavas
    Malik Shahavas

    Can i buy this......(not the ear buds)

  • Flimblez

    I love how at 0:48 he has an entire suicide gun setup just to demonstrate laser tag vests

  • Elfnick2817

    I own that same lazer cutter.

  • Nathaniel Bull
    Nathaniel Bull

    make tazer raycon earbuds

  • the gamer of cool
    the gamer of cool

    this is a test for humanaty to see how stuped they ar and me

  • Scorpion Shiro
    Scorpion Shiro

    To be honest I want to Play this

  • Giselle Loo
    Giselle Loo

    How to get famous and be excellent content: Become a crazy crackhead.

  • Edit Audio Senpai
    Edit Audio Senpai


  • Stephenbeta

    "Youre a bad person for watching this video" me: Thx I know

  • Koen Driessen
    Koen Driessen

    Let's run next to a swimming pool with a taser vest 🤔

  • JayPlays everything
    JayPlays everything

    My god he’s a sociopath

  • Hunterdude 9368
    Hunterdude 9368


  • Cherri's berry
    Cherri's berry

    Funny electronic fail 1:32

  • Hooversom

    6:18 when the teacher explains what you did wrong on the test

  • MoosePW

    "you're a bad person for watching this video" well wouldn't that make you an even worse person for filming this video for our enjoyment? LMAO

  • InPoggNito

    "That's right. Lies and deceit."

  • Ali D
    Ali D

    What kind of tens unit did u bought? I want to make some o these for myself and am not sure if random tens unit will have power or it will be like tickling (What will not be bad but still it will not inflict a pain) also i dont know if 25 dollar tens unit is good or it is a bullshit, also i live in Czech Republic (In the middle of Europe) so sorry for my english. So the questions are: What type of the TENS unit u bought? What was the price for it?

  • Arin is toll
    Arin is toll

    "Hey bud this is science"

  • Leonardo Moreno
    Leonardo Moreno

    i just saw pokimane i think ?

  • Saint Dane
    Saint Dane

    The day that Micheal gets bored of tasing people is the day he actually starts to legit torture people

    • Ratatouille is amazing
      Ratatouille is amazing

      Why do i get the feeling he uses tazers in bed Oh who am i fking kidding he probably tried it once with Lily

  • Jason

    I get it now, you pay your neighbors to get hurt for you

  • kk Elman
    kk Elman

    LV 99 sadism

  • 117fuzz

    When do we get taser tag 2.0

  • Drift Rift
    Drift Rift

    4:37 You’re a bad person for making the video

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    Yes I am a sick person and I enjoyed it it made me piss myself

  • D-RgK Pink
    D-RgK Pink

    Michael at what point do you cut out the middle man and just shoot your friends

  • manubra

    I’d buy this

  • daniel brown
    daniel brown

    Michael is just a living War crime.

  • Frog in A bucket
    Frog in A bucket

    Day 6 of trying to figure out if the Marks on his face are freckles or his victims blood

  • chris reid
    chris reid


  • Psychopathicat7

    all i care about is what the neighbors were thinking hearing this