A Robot Shoots Me When I Get Shot in Fortnite
Instead of making me better at fortnite, I now just feel like never playing it again, which is a win in my book.

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  • Grayson Whitlock
    Grayson Whitlock

    A robot that shoots you is better

  • Yeet boi 7710
    Yeet boi 7710

    This is so sad… Alaska play Despacito…

  • Emliy Robert
    Emliy Robert

    Bro how do if you don't like fortnite that means when you play fortnite you're a bot

  • Tyler XPLRS
    Tyler XPLRS

    1:13 h U know he tired when he calls Alexa “Alaska”

  • Caleb Hutton
    Caleb Hutton

    All the dislikes are 9 year old Fortnite kids

  • Pineapple

    What happens if he heals

  • Professor Aleet
    Professor Aleet

    Uninstall Fortnite

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    Do this agian but with doom eternal on ultra nightmare

  • Skyler Mead
    Skyler Mead

    Python can do anything! Just badly.; Classic

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter

    “Bluetooth airsoft gun” finally I can shoot 40yr old men from my couch

  • The SektorZ
    The SektorZ

    1:11 Someone watches Internet historian :>

  • Ruslan Polishchuk
    Ruslan Polishchuk

    you could just pull out health value from RAM instead of using image recognition

  • Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom
    Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom

    I actually quit that shit show forklift

  • Avox SE
    Avox SE

    "Alaska play dexpacito" i died right there

  • Crusted Games
    Crusted Games

    Never ever

  • h7opolo

    i like this.

  • George Pitkeathly-Guy
    George Pitkeathly-Guy

    Michael: ''I can't check because my internet is down " me: "how the fuck do you play Fortnite then"

  • kevin fry
    kevin fry

    even is imaginary friends are playing better games

  • Navy Bird
    Navy Bird

    'Because Python, can do anything... just badly' had me weak

  • Endo Studios
    Endo Studios

    Forklift tittle doyale "Its a garbage game"

  • Evan Waters
    Evan Waters


  • Dan Max
    Dan Max

    From where do you get the gears or al that gear boxes

  • Jack Wetter
    Jack Wetter

    The first two words “ah shit!”

  • Kaveevin

    Uninstall Fortnite.

  • Therussianboi

    10 thousand likes and I'll use a real gun

    • Sebastian Pochyla
      Sebastian Pochyla


  • Stinkcatgaming

    too much frickin' fartnite

  • Jen H
    Jen H


  • Loli is not child p**n U idiot sandwich
    Loli is not child p**n U idiot sandwich

    Sometimes I think Michael is on crack when he makes These videos

    • Blue guy
      Blue guy

      He is

  • Hurricane HD!
    Hurricane HD!

    Apparently there was another “Michael Reeves” that died 11th Feb 1968 Poor lad wasn’t even able to witness the moon landing

  • The Art of Random 🎲
    The Art of Random 🎲

    Is that a beard 👳‍♂️ or acne scars? I'm 😖 🤣 flabbergasted!

  • Stinkcatgaming

    8:28 nice, quick thinking

  • President 942
    President 942

    No one: This I’m my recommended after 2 years

  • christopher lawrence
    christopher lawrence

    omg i love how this guy shoots his videos lool he got under the glass table lmao ... man u are goooood ...... and very funnny

  • Piano memer ran
    Piano memer ran

    Yes Michael, I play forklift.

  • seemlychatter

    This is my first video and you are funny

  • Kerem Efe Köksal
    Kerem Efe Köksal

    Ah yes, my favourite game: "Forklift"

  • pvtpain66k

    I would watch this twitch channel. Just Michael playing 3 or 4 games of Fortnite until he quits from the pain.

  • Judah Pollack
    Judah Pollack


  • msmagrod

    Excuse me but Minecraft is the king of games and fortnite can go fuck off Edit was cause of autocorrect

  • SirLok1

    Make a gun that shoots with your mind, or a taser, or a knife

  • Twin Seption
    Twin Seption

    Michal just uninstall

  • Daniel Rogan
    Daniel Rogan


  • MyPKChannel

    I was wandering at 6:04 , ok that's Python, but that softwear doesn't look like the classical python one. Can someone expalin me what he uses ?

    • Bob JrGeorge
      Bob JrGeorge

      I think it’s just VScode

  • Rod

    Y so many dislike?

  • the guy
    the guy

    I love 💕😘💕😘 seeing you in pain

  • SamG ThatsMe
    SamG ThatsMe

    You should play BF4 once with it. Operation Metro or Locker.

  • Adam Sherrill
    Adam Sherrill


  • I play Roblox
    I play Roblox

    it so cool

  • Aneu

    Fortnite manifesto

  • Kick the Skull Productions
    Kick the Skull Productions

    I feel like Michael just takes a sledgehammer to everything he makes after like a week

  • Akeno

    i like how michael compares crack with fortnite

  • Best Hippo
    Best Hippo

    Fortnite bad

  • Yassin Ahmed
    Yassin Ahmed

    Fortnite (stupid,cringe,boring) Forklift✅ Alexa (boring,stupid,fortnite) Alaska✅ Gun (stupid,Alexa,fortnite) Gone✅

  • Darth Clanker
    Darth Clanker

    fortnite: realism update

  • Captain Unlimited
    Captain Unlimited

    You mean to tell me Micheal isn't a 13 year old man child?

  • Jano1

    make it again, but instead of bullets, make it taze you

  • Chris Belair
    Chris Belair

    ban fortnight!

  • Denys Tsiukh
    Denys Tsiukh

    1:13 wth, did he just Alexa Alaska lmao

  • AmPretzel

    I thought my 6.69% (nice) win rate was bad😅

  • Shadowkillr 20k
    Shadowkillr 20k

    its the content that keeps me going.

  • Puzzle Dude98
    Puzzle Dude98

    Uninstall fornite solved it

  • MLG_ MEMES28
    MLG_ MEMES28

    I play forklift

  • Lewis

    Upgrade your PC. Scrub.

    • Walter The dog
      Walter The dog


    • Lewis

      @Aryan Johnson I know scrub, i watch it.

    • Aryan Johnson
      Aryan Johnson

      this was litterally in 2018 he's living in a huge mansion now with other people in a group called offline TV. Scrub.

  • AvoMilaX

    The thumbnail = POV : You're black and live in america

  • A Water Melon
    A Water Melon

    *you guys play forklift?*

  • Agustin Garcia
    Agustin Garcia

    I don't know why I find 1:26 funny.

  • Ryan Hall
    Ryan Hall

    why the fuck didn't you use an esp8266 for this

  • poop Dogeman
    poop Dogeman

    you guys play forklift?

  • Pasan Jayaweera
    Pasan Jayaweera


  • Corrupt Big daddy
    Corrupt Big daddy

    Why does Michael even get dislikes

  • Loukas Kalamboussis
    Loukas Kalamboussis

    "I'm playing with random people, because my real friends are too busy being imaginary." - Michael Reeves

  • VR dude
    VR dude

    But Michael your a 12 year old

  • Elephant In The Room
    Elephant In The Room

    i did the math and you have a ~0.8% win rate in fortnite.

  • King Fox
    King Fox



    Make a robot that yells when it hits a wall

  • Kendal Cannon
    Kendal Cannon

    Take it to the logical extreme and make a haptic suit that tases you where you get shot

  • ConnorConnor

    airsoft *GÖN*

  • V LF
    V LF

    make a video where the gun shoots people in otv when they open the fridge or their door. just make the gun auto shoot ppl in otv house kthnx bro bai

  • Haven Keating
    Haven Keating

    replace it with a real m16 Programmer here btw I punched a kid for saying I am a hacker

  • Hanelism

    like just the intro is an absolute legend

  • Psychopathicat7

    am i the only one who saw the title and thumbnail and forgot about airsoft guns?

  • Zander Tullos
    Zander Tullos

    0:07 he had a stroke

  • AJ Buddha
    AJ Buddha

    Absolutely impeccably genius

  • Br Meast
    Br Meast

    “By the nut shack” I’m dying 😂

  • DJ Jaxxon
    DJ Jaxxon

    ~ rubs chin with foot ~ hmmm well I don't play fortnite so I guess I'll take the gun and do a similar mod but for GTA Online

  • UnderPuppy88

    you should uninstall fortnite

  • DirtBike Community
    DirtBike Community

    Make a wheelchair that goes no were

  • Johnny Gomez
    Johnny Gomez

    greatest video despite the game

  • Yngston

    he knew all along that the game is dog shit

  • BlueElite11

    4:26 I agree that fortnite bad

  • MattBruh

    im watching this at 9,999,99 views nice

  • RRG Bob
    RRG Bob

    u smell

  • Planet Amazing Gaming
    Planet Amazing Gaming


  • Kye Pulham
    Kye Pulham

    important question: Minecraft or Fortnite?

    • Aryan Johnson
      Aryan Johnson

      @Munch cause fortnite fucking sucks

    • Munch

      Why do people keep comparing two completely different games that don't even belong in the same genre?

  • Ghostguy_YT

    Micheal take my advice fucking Aimmm

  • Tyshonn Barrow
    Tyshonn Barrow

    I enjoy watching Michael find ways to torture himself

  • 350Z gang 2
    350Z gang 2


  • Tecknokid123

    Erect_Man Suicidal Nerd The PUBGenie im still trying to figure out which ones him

    • Minimimik

      Its Erect_Man his name is in a bunch of other shots lol

    • Minimimik

      probably Erect_Man just judging from the names

  • Qst Sorin
    Qst Sorin

    Now do this challenge with a real gun

  • Creative UserName
    Creative UserName

    Just uninstall fortnut ( ̄_, ̄ )