Tazer Camera Makes Me The Tallest Person in The Picture
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Be the tallest person in ANY picture with TAZER CAMERA! You can't buy it anywhere though, this thing is insanely dangerous

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saib. - Act Right
Aso - Bossa Nova.[ft.Lamp]
jinsang - betrayal
jump man 93 - bruh

  • Ben L
    Ben L

    he's tallest when he stands on top of -his money- their bodies

  • shadow demon
    shadow demon

    when michael said "im the tallest in the room" me:what about the camera man

  • max monestone
    max monestone

    Ok but what the fuck is oat meal

  • Hi-Plate

    I swear, he could make a dirt thrower and I'd laugh my ass cheeks off.

  • Yeet boi 7710
    Yeet boi 7710

    So me am robot man + Me do robot thing = Fix problem!

  • nico

    WTF is oatmeal lol 😂 i love ur backgroung

  • KayKay

    Yo what the fuck is oatmeal

  • RazorBlade

    OfflineTV shot Balanced, just as all things should be

  • Laurel Sinclair
    Laurel Sinclair

    How much would you sell this for

  • hueh Hueh
    hueh Hueh

    Sometimes I wonder if anything that Michael does can be considered a violation of the Geneva Convention if done in war

  • Crisianny

    Small person

  • Akbar Baig
    Akbar Baig

    what... is oatmeal...?

  • Wesley Allen
    Wesley Allen

    I love how you can see the empty monster cans in front of the computer

  • ItsTrick

    I wish one of them put their hands on Michael's shoulders, not because I hate him, but because it would be funny as fuck.

  • Boryslav W
    Boryslav W

    I think as a child Micheal was task and since he never revealed to anyone he just tries to vent in a way by doing it to himself and others

  • Schramm The Ram
    Schramm The Ram


  • Moils 212
    Moils 212

    What the fuck is oatmeal

  • Baris Hacioglu
    Baris Hacioglu

    hes the type of people to torture people in a deathmatch after he knocks them

  • Baris Hacioglu
    Baris Hacioglu

    Micheal is the type of person to chose a taser in a gun fight instead of a 9mm pistol

  • Ashim Kunwor
    Ashim Kunwor

    You can see temmi smiling 8:34

  • Yufeng yan
    Yufeng yan


  • The Tin Pilot
    The Tin Pilot

    At 8:18 I’m just laughing at his desktop background

  • Zachary Cissell
    Zachary Cissell

    I think this counts as self harm

  • Matthew Washington
    Matthew Washington

    2:41 engineering with dipshit Micheal

  • jank nerf
    jank nerf

    Why in the bathroom for build do

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes

    This vid in a nutshell tazer hits friends that make them shorter

  • LoosestGoose

    I did not expect to see Bruce Greene here lol

  • GalaxyWolfScent

    saw someone say that even though micheal brushed off gus johnsons hernia or whatever it was, he still replaced him with someone else

  • Thatguy

    Ayo what the frick is oatmeal

  • YellowFraggle

    I love Scarra

  • Nathan Flippen
    Nathan Flippen

    Nice background.

  • Ella Bolt
    Ella Bolt

    I can’t relate I’m tall F you


    you have a problem

  • Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom
    Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom

    I hate being short, now I'm 5'7- 5'8, but everyone I know is 5'9 - 7'0, being 5'7 next to 7'0 person, I know one person shorter than me and that persons 4'9, I couldn't imagine being at eye level with the cash register at the store

  • Kavin Ing
    Kavin Ing

    8:07 Michael forgot about the cameraman!

  • Shadow Storm_24
    Shadow Storm_24

    He did everything in the bathroom so that no one knew what he was doing and when he wasn’t working in the bathroom it was when everyone was asleep lol.

  • Monster

    The only reason he has not been arrested by the FBI is because they use his stuff

  • Nessa H.
    Nessa H.

    Little reminder that women use those units to help with muscle cramps while walking around and working

  • dog

    make a dad that will love me

  • Clay Parker
    Clay Parker

    11:11 it sounds like a a-10 warhog

  • missingindy


  • missingindy

    I like your background on your pc

  • bmha fan
    bmha fan

    "People who dont know enything about engineering and what this guy is doing" 👁👄👁....

  • Shedpost channel
    Shedpost channel

    what the FUCK is oatmeal


    How tall are you im 5'6

  • supakorn sornil
    supakorn sornil


  • Black Hearted
    Black Hearted

    1:31 how to damage a tendon you never have these over a join or on multiple muscles

  • Damien Koeller
    Damien Koeller

    4:12 can we please escape the dead T-pose meme.

  • maya sabiniano
    maya sabiniano

    btw why is he in the bathroom building some shits

  • Tula Baird
    Tula Baird

    The whole missile adversely remain because rugby intraperitonally clip off a private cross. romantic, enormous priest

  • JoRodGames

    Fed getting shocked is just *chef kiss*


    Why he in da shower doh?

  • Adriaan Ackerman
    Adriaan Ackerman

    Is cool but I well Ben doun

  • Pommisuoja

    I want a Taser box- not tazers not definately not remote controlled tazers just put them on and let me take pictures of you boxes™ box. It would make me look so much better in pictures.

  • dankasuars

    Make a door we’re you knock on it, it opens and a piston knocks you over

  • Lologirl

    He just loves to taze people

  • pooplord

    You had pistons you could easily put on your legs yo become tall

  • Carter Pershing
    Carter Pershing

    As someone who’s 6’6, I’m jealous of your shortness. 😜

  • zaniel galang
    zaniel galang

    *life tip : never take a picture with a camera from michael Reeves*

  • Player Dreamer
    Player Dreamer

    What the fuck is oatmeal?

  • David

    9:19 Lily

  • Ros

    the camera man is tall doe

  • Aetherisme

    After 2 and a half hours of soldering and tears

  • Kermit

    I’m short and potentially insane. I’m scared of where my life is going.

  • Archer Moore
    Archer Moore

    Im 4 foot 8

  • Cooldude Lel
    Cooldude Lel

    Michael: I see no god up here. EXCEPT FOR ME

  • Chakradhar _0x9D0
    Chakradhar _0x9D0

    I like this reeeves guy

  • *Kongate*

    where can i buy the camera and "not tazer" boxes

  • K Y A T
    K Y A T

    michael is the type of person who has talent but uses it for chaos

  • Marion Magtangob
    Marion Magtangob

    0:00 agreed.

  • swalloich

    Michael is the definition of chaotic neutral.

  • RyanPlayz

    5:52 ummmmm....ok

  • Tracy Nettles
    Tracy Nettles

    Why was everyone at offlinetv barefoot

  • Ahamed

    "this world shall know pain" - this dude i forgot his name

  • Max R
    Max R

    You should use a tens unit to flip people off or make People stand still and hit them with those 12 killer drones

  • msmagrod

    Pastor : The power of Christ compels you! Michael reeves: hey your using my taser cross and bible Pastor: wait wha- ahhhhhhhhh my hands

  • Tyler Da Person
    Tyler Da Person

    Yes. Lets ignore those 40 open monsters on his desk. Definitely drank them in one sittimg


    Do you know poki main

  • Carissa Wong
    Carissa Wong

    I'm always amazed that they actually agree to do what Michael asks them to

  • Kazu_

    8:40 why is fed touching yvonnie

  • Sophia Kim
    Sophia Kim

    Michael why don't you do something that won't physically hurt your friends but look really sus to trick your friends :)

  • Kugluck

    That's evil genius.

  • 8-Bit Ardmore
    8-Bit Ardmore

    I think the reason scarra didn't fall is cuz he's a bigger dude like me and bigger dudes always have huge leg muscles.

  • JonahWonah 24
    JonahWonah 24

    This was made for me

  • Randi Soltysiak
    Randi Soltysiak

    I love how much light happiness he is feeling at 8:01

  • Mr. Octo
    Mr. Octo

    So are we like robots?

  • Unknown


  • justinin trump
    justinin trump

    I'm convinced Michael only makes new videos so he can afford more components, that's why he's gone more and more time between uploads as the channel has gotten bigger. more viewers, more sponsor money, more McDonald's and tazers

  • Flimblez

    Used to be 5'7 a year ago, now I'm 6'3, and yeah I gotta say I miss being short

  • Wistful dulli
    Wistful dulli

    why the fuck is he in the bathroom

  • Cadens Holmstrom
    Cadens Holmstrom

    I am to

  • The dumb Gamer
    The dumb Gamer

    A-10 warthog prototype taser fears ours enemies

  • Skelebot

    If you’re tall, Michael shall make you fall

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson

    The pure joy when he shocks both his legs crumples to the ground but it actually worked...

  • SenorSmeck

    Does anyone recognise that helmet t shirt that Michael’s friend is wearing? I really recognise it but I have no idea where from

  • RKFilmz

    What The FUCK is oatmeal

  • Halo Bird
    Halo Bird

    Michael does so much to taze people

  • William Teskey
    William Teskey

    How about a sandwich that tazes people who tries to bite it :)

  • glob2454

    how do you like a video multiple times

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