Your Robot Ideas Are Stupid
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  • Joshua Wintermeyer
    Joshua Wintermeyer

    Build a robot that you thinks good

  • Gotham Gamer
    Gotham Gamer

    Make an electronic jeep with a gun on the roof that detects a large fruit or vegetable and shoots it :)

  • Trent Snitht
    Trent Snitht

    Make a gun that shoots fart grenades

  • noob kid 12
    noob kid 12

    Make a robot that tazes the actual shit out of you if you delete a idea

  • chesee-god¶°

    Make a robot with your iq

  • Bravo3

    I know this is late but for the glue gun, might help to engineer a soft casing to stop the glue from sticking to the barrel but soft enough to disintegrate on contact and still withstand heating up the glue. Like a hot paint ball.

  • S .Rohith
    S .Rohith

    A toaster thats clear and shows the crispiness of the bread

  • Levoc

    Did he actually use a Glock 19

    • Levoc


  • SikhClipsTTV

    poo eat poo then poo is more pooier then the poo = next good video idea

  • Jasper Woolsey
    Jasper Woolsey

    Make a robotic arm that can make a sandwich with only programming.

  • LittlePinky

    You should make a robot that deletes bad robot ideas

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams

    a bomb disposal robot that just activates the bomb

  • Jack Who?
    Jack Who?

    Make a drawer that heats up whenever you close it

  • Thomas Wersf
    Thomas Wersf

    see now he picked the ideas


    Make a taser robot that can walk around and tase people

  • Bread Boi
    Bread Boi

    You made a robot that pisses stfu

  • LeonidasX87

    I commented this already but I think it would cool, please make a endoskeleton that is wirelessly connected to a vr head set so people see each other and be 'with' each other

  • kamil Benabdenbi
    kamil Benabdenbi

    Reminds me of Rick from Rick and morty

  • El Valiente
    El Valiente

    Joe mamma

  • MonkeyDude

    Make a robot the makes coffee for you ever morning

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez

    Make a book that makes ur school work for you

  • StnifyGameing

    build a robot that slaps you

  • Axolotl Idiot
    Axolotl Idiot

    Aren’t you the dude that made a microwave work when you scream at it?

  • ꧁M e m e A x o l o t l꧂
    ꧁M e m e A x o l o t l꧂

    0:46 and that is an actual thing he made

  • Pain

    Make headphones without wires

  • Seafaring Simon
    Seafaring Simon

    I keep emailing you to collaborate and make an app that can control birds with nothing but an RV remote control. The government already has this stuff. It needs doxxed. Halp.

  • Six renitent13
    Six renitent13

    You should make a chair that insults you when you sit on it based on how much you weigh

  • WishingStar_

    Here's something you can't do. Make a robot that fixes your life you depressed fuck

  • pika man 472
    pika man 472

    Make a robot that does math

  • Candice Sager
    Candice Sager


  • lukey boyy
    lukey boyy

    make a robot and put it on the fridge that when you open it tazes you and screams you are a fat fuck at you

  • FlameX1250

    make a robot that makes a robot to carry your camra for you

  • Multi's Place
    Multi's Place

    Build a machine that makes icecream sandwiches.

  • Multi's Place
    Multi's Place

    I hate your personality, but love your videos. It's an ongoing emotional conflict.

  • Joseph Asmerian
    Joseph Asmerian

    Make a robot or code that detects bad ideas and good ideas

  • D3valor

    “A hot glue gun that actually shoots hot glue” so... you want a hot glue gun..?

  • waddle dee boi
    waddle dee boi

    I liked it when the whole tube of glue got shot out

  • voltifer

    0:47 if not this guy, Michael would never meet Lily

  • Meagan Evans
    Meagan Evans

    Make a robot that gives you beer the bartender bot 9000

  • Rowletman

    Micheal make a robot that tazes you every time you say oww

  • DeadpoolVenom

    Try to make the iron giant

  • The Kraken
    The Kraken

    with the hot glue gun he could have made a timing mechanism that fired a second or two after the hot glue heating element stated heating the glue this would make it so that the hot melted glue would feel the force after being melted and then get launched out because it would require less force to push the glue after it was melted.

  • Lego Life
    Lego Life

    "a robot that tazze's you every time you fall asleep"

    • AlexNN

      ooOOOO noice

  • Jayce Ballah
    Jayce Ballah

    make a cup lonching muchine for pranks

  • Eric Baim
    Eric Baim

    Make a robot that zaps you when you tap it

  • Rosa

    the hot glue gun kinda looks likes a Luger in this vid ngl

  • The Spectral Boombox
    The Spectral Boombox

    A robot that prepares your food

  • DJ gameing and memes
    DJ gameing and memes

    Make a robot that slaps you when you make a dad joke

  • SereneRanger829

    I don’t like any of your ideas and they are dumb doo doo Him making a $100k robodog piss beer

  • zenzo the proto
    zenzo the proto

    Make a robot that shoots air at your face when you try to sleep.

  • MX3SnaggS

    Make a Republican detector

  • LEGGOLAND the Music Man
    LEGGOLAND the Music Man

    The thumbnail is the real life Gmod Prop Gun

  • Jeremiahs Awesome Adventures
    Jeremiahs Awesome Adventures

    Make a high pressure water gun

  • Pudel P.A Adam
    Pudel P.A Adam

    True american

  • Yeet Cowboys fan 98
    Yeet Cowboys fan 98

    Make a robot that makes a robot

  • Dominic Pizzey
    Dominic Pizzey

    This guy went from this to laser ingravend cards that say cum on

  • Rhys Griffith
    Rhys Griffith

    Make a robot that buts new toyletpapper back on the roller

  • Jibbo

    A gun that shoots hot glue sticks.

  • Agam Plays
    Agam Plays

    Make a robot that can slap people

  • UYC Channel
    UYC Channel

    "To keep this channel from being Aliven't" -Micheal Reaves Also build a bed that when pressure it applied it tips you of the bed

  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts

    Make a a bouncy ball with an airbag

  • HappHopper346

    build a giant ding ding that rings you ding dong doorbell and then gives the status of Harambe.

  • Josiah Newingham
    Josiah Newingham

    Make a robot that digs

  • Tyrell Chamberlain
    Tyrell Chamberlain

    mak a robot that can brush my teeth i bed bc i want to stay in my bedrock bed because reasons send help

  • Weeruucle ODST
    Weeruucle ODST

    1:34 i really LOVE that song. I haven't heard it the first time i see this video

  • Little Shrinked
    Little Shrinked

    make a better mind controller thing if it's even possible i don't think it is why am i typing this i'm a dumbass

  • GEMC

    Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad for your shitty robot ideas

  • Adrianx2930

    Idea : make a robot that can say something :D

  • Bryan

    Try to build a robot that lifts a table to the height of your waist whether you are sitting, standing, or laying on the ground

  • No Longer
    No Longer

    haha funny

  • nicky TATS
    nicky TATS

    Omg I was like I wanna see a cussing roomba, guess what my first suggested vid was...

  • Jax Shibley
    Jax Shibley

    Make a robot that screams every time you say a word

  • h2o water bottle
    h2o water bottle

    i never knew joji merch existed

  • cymon nocido
    cymon nocido

    make a outomatic fishing rod

    • cymon nocido
      cymon nocido

      @Isaiah Ridley oooooooook

  • Gavin Volz
    Gavin Volz

    You should make a robot that takes itself apart

    • MarioWizard 119
      MarioWizard 119

      I believe a robot that rapidly disassembles itself is what those in the industry call a “bomb”

  • D.T. DragonSlayer
    D.T. DragonSlayer

    How about a roonba that can climb stairs or something more interesting like maybe a robot that can build other robots or a exo suit fitted with an electric fist and maybe some mini cannons

  • Komin

    you should make a life, because you dont have one.

  • Shadow_Wolf0000

    I don't know if this is a bad idea... but a robot that passes a random snack and/or drink to you when you press a button. It would also store said items. Like I said, I don't know if that is a good idea, but is an idea all the same...

  • Angelo ANN
    Angelo ANN

    Well, Mr Anderson, congrats on boosting your fav creator's channel

  • ploopy man
    ploopy man

    chaotic neutral

  • myles shackle
    myles shackle

    hi michael chan

  • Cyber Unmask
    Cyber Unmask

    oh, I have a good one! you should build a device that when triggered will detonate.

  • Murby Rosh
    Murby Rosh

    What about a robot that makes joe mama jokes based on character traits?

  • Mixer VC
    Mixer VC

    A shitting roumba

  • Iskilbiskil

    build a robot that eat batteries and poop the old ones

  • Alexander Dyer
    Alexander Dyer

    Make something you like bro

  • Devin Meihls
    Devin Meihls

    Make a robot that slaps u

  • dog4fd

    make a robot that kills Michael Reeves

  • Jorge Saenz
    Jorge Saenz

    Can you make a robot that can do your tax’s that way you won’t have to do them

  • ChomuSoba

    Glue glock

  • Lilly Fartinggamer
    Lilly Fartinggamer

    Make a robot that builds the shitty robots in your comments

  • lucky # 13
    lucky # 13

    1:52 those are some cool socks

  • Steffen Acasio
    Steffen Acasio

    you know the hot glue gun idea is very easy to do just buy a goddamn hot glue gun at the store goddamnit

  • Jyothi Garapati
    Jyothi Garapati

    Make a robot that gives you relays and aurdino

  • BabyGodzilla2014

    Make a mini Kriyu (mechagodzilla) that shots fireworks.

  • The Power
    The Power

    Make a robot that shits candy

  • SatanicLemonade

    Weird fact: if you search “god is dead and we have killed him” this video shows up

    • Epic Bush Productions
      Epic Bush Productions


  • MatRd

    Huh, a door that slams tall people in the face. You shall gain the power of both short and tall. With both you shall balance the comments section, purging it of all mega bad ideas. The power of theater compels you.

  • Ryan Waters
    Ryan Waters

    A robot that pours water on itself... You pressed a button, you have to make it now with a "bruh moment" apology video. No problem

  • The Muddlez
    The Muddlez

    Make a robot that helps you with everyday things