Head Hunting Drone Swarm
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Not sure if I'm dehydrated or just naturally this stupid.
Either way I thought a face detecting drone swarm was a good idea so at this point it doesn't matter.

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potsu - letting go
jump man 93 - bruh

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    I made the video 9:59 as a joke but then ISnets added a second to the thumbnail and now I'm depressy wessy

    • Nathan Marshall
      Nathan Marshall


    • 쿠터집사turtle


    • LimeyLizzy


    • BbqBoss Man
      BbqBoss Man


    • Shadow fox 808
      Shadow fox 808

      the robot apocalypse is comeing

  • Origamipro

    Your videos are relly helpful

  • Magnetic Wolf
    Magnetic Wolf

    Why you always have to be rude to your viewers

  • Sahara

    ha you think 2018 was bad

  • Pheonix_7789

    now buy military drones and give them a free will ai and let them destroy the world

  • Purple Pineapple
    Purple Pineapple

    Oh GoLlY gEe IvE bEeN aSsAuLtEd

  • Dick Dick
    Dick Dick

    do it with cars

  • exiaesports

    Really hope drones don't start attacking people in a few months

  • Ralph Thermidor
    Ralph Thermidor

    do more outside and runaway from them

  • Tristan

    Link to drone pls

  • Laggy Games
    Laggy Games

    What if you do this same video but instead of running into you. They shoot you with an air soft gun attached to them.

  • Shalin Prakash
    Shalin Prakash

    me: sees something super cool the creator: michael reeves

  • Mr_Fancy

    That joke to serios went from 0 to 100 real quick 7:36

  • RacingRaffie Games
    RacingRaffie Games

    0:15 me reviewing this in 2021…

  • gnome

    I want the world to end when a eggplant claps its hands.....

  • AK Victor
    AK Victor


  • Matej Svec
    Matej Svec

    This takes me back to good old Black Messa days :D

  • h7opolo

    welp, the illuminati cabal opted for plandemic, but now with the UFO rhetoric in the news, drone swarms shall be next.

  • UniSpaceLlama 13
    UniSpaceLlama 13

    Oh golly gee, I’ve been assaulted!

  • Ultra Ssj
    Ultra Ssj

    Let me just leave this here isnets.info/main/eYDI1H-FzWCWa9k/v-deo.html

  • zeus768 the yeet
    zeus768 the yeet

    No offense just making stupid comments

  • zeus768 the yeet
    zeus768 the yeet

    Isn’t it weird that at the end of the video it was a black screen screen for 10 seconds and the video is exactly 10 minutes long

  • Ender_ Nite
    Ender_ Nite

    I bet Michael will single-handedly be the end of humanity.

  • Zain Veit
    Zain Veit

    Micheal: *Talking about electronics.* Me: "Wait why is he using something conductive to do that?"

  • Tamás Kornfeld
    Tamás Kornfeld

    The fact that an AI controlled drone killed a man recently makes Micheal really sus ngl

  • Connor Kane
    Connor Kane

    I can just imagine someone sitting there and then all of a sudden a shadow looms over them, sounds like a great robo uprising

  • FallenAshes Red
    FallenAshes Red

    Hey Michael! It’s 2yrs later and now someone else has claimed they made the first attack drones. It’s in a news story titled “For the First Time, Drones Autonomously Attacked Humans. This Is a Turning Point.” By Kyle Mizokami. Figured you might wanna know and reclaim your attack drone title


    If I were to go out, what better way than by confused drones trying desperately to aim for my head while I stand there. I could be one of the 200,000 people In the state of America who got bodied by a drone.

  • cat milk lol
    cat milk lol

    ElectroBOOM vs Michael Reeves PASSIVE Literally immune to electricity Can make terrifying inventions ever minute (inventions can be from stun stick to tazer robot) ATTACK Can make small but painful arcs Can use an invention 10 times *250 damage & 2 self damage* *220 damage & 5 sanity loss* DEFENSE Can make a loud shit with a tesla coil thingy Can use his drones to doge

  • Nrpersello Nicolorobin09
    Nrpersello Nicolorobin09

    your mad

  • Thatoneguy

    You should of told one of your friends to walk. Into the room with the drones

  • Mr Misto
    Mr Misto

    He hinted 2020 before it happend

  • josh engemoen
    josh engemoen

    What kind of drones are those I need to recreate this on a city wide level

  • Asankanu 457
    Asankanu 457

    Two words missing from the title: with blades

  • ryan mcgurl
    ryan mcgurl

    I know the real reason COVID started, it saw this and said “nope I’m gonna kill every one in 2020-

  • onna

    Michael please try this outside

  • 1Bitgamer .g
    1Bitgamer .g

    if you read this comment you are now breathing manually please copy paste to every video you see

  • Nolan Farrish
    Nolan Farrish

    Now okay, put tazers on them

  • Penny9 Bancroft
    Penny9 Bancroft


  • Random

    man plays dodgeball with killer drones



  • Titus Silveria
    Titus Silveria

    7:49 ever school video be like

  • Titus Silveria
    Titus Silveria

    6:25 echo be like

  • Ospt alt
    Ospt alt

    Man makes one drone video snd people complain on the large amount of drone content

  • Ghost_404

    I feel bad for his neighbours-

  • fish Army
    fish Army

    One day he's going end the world with these robots

  • Levi Burns
    Levi Burns

    1:28 shit shrek has joined the akatsuki

  • The Muffinz
    The Muffinz

    looking at this, i remember the world will not end but will somehow fml

  • SH00KETH.

    Me, an atheist, after watching his videos : DEAR GOD SAVE HIM

  • Nolan White
    Nolan White

    Somebody watched the ISnets video "Slaughter Bots".

  • theFLCLguy

    Doing this to random people would be hilarious.

  • Chuck Fox
    Chuck Fox

    The ashamed suit historically complain because dahlia ectrodactyly print amid a zealous server. deafening, plain neon

  • tres slaughter
    tres slaughter

    fuck ya

  • Mohan K
    Mohan K

    Flipping nerd

  • William Lohman
    William Lohman

    Now that you got spot, maybe part 2?

  • Micheal Draws
    Micheal Draws

    One question. How many videos have you scraped?

  • Sir Leopold II.
    Sir Leopold II.

    Attach paintball guns to them and let them shoot you one time at sight or something

  • Bruce Ismay
    Bruce Ismay

    Taser killer drones Don’t thank me I’ve doomed to many

  • Half-Pint Ash
    Half-Pint Ash

    Cursed and horrible idea: Micheal, go say hi to Elon Musk and discuss some ideas with him.

  • מוטי שיוביץ
    מוטי שיוביץ

    8:01 what do you mean "look like"?

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson

    i love your drone vids

  • Katie Oof7800
    Katie Oof7800


  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan

    2:37 what keyboard does michael have

  • Darth Clanker
    Darth Clanker

    just made a couple thousand of these, the clankers will destroy everything.

  • lil RoSSi And lil J Music
    lil RoSSi And lil J Music

    Michael is quite the funnys

  • UpsideDownPotato

    I Drank 13 Cups of Coffee At 2:56 AM And Now I Keep Shaking

  • Taylor D
    Taylor D

    i love these videos

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee


  • luke canterberry
    luke canterberry

    anyone else see the emkay socks

  • damavox

    I know I'm late buuuut ..would be so much cooler if you had a random "friend" walk in the room just to get attacked by drones

  • Respawn Gaming
    Respawn Gaming

    Add white phosphorus pods on each side so before they die large amounts of eye and throught burning smoke coats there person while drones swarm and take them down with two separate tubes each with ammonia and the other with bleach as you but a mixing tube on the bottom to store the mustard gas and drop it on your target

    • Respawn Gaming
      Respawn Gaming

      Wow I don't know how to fucking type

  • BananaFace301

    2:52 the computer writes code to write this: "8==========D"

  • Elijah Ingram
    Elijah Ingram

    He showed one of his wifi passwords in the code..... We just have to find it.

  • AutobotShinobi

    Oh golley jee OH GOD! OH ENUM AH! FUCK THEY FUCKING HURT! OH GOLLEY JEE! -famous last words

  • Peter Schramm
    Peter Schramm

    impressed with your coding skill, but a little let down that you didn't turn off the ceiling fan in the small room where you were testing

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Michael. There are actually innocent people who will be murdered by robots. People in the middle east were getting shot and blown up by drones a few years ago. I haven't heard about that since then, but you can't be sure it's not happening somewhere. Especially on a now censored internet.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Poetic justice is Michael getting to be the only person to be murdered by a robot with actual criminal intent, of its own volition.

  • The Romulus Society
    The Romulus Society

    What Led You To The Telnet Shell Idea? I Would Have Never Thought Of That..

  • dante

    -9:26 foreshadowing😂

    • dante

      0:33 *****

  • Nore

    Peter parker vibes 🥴

  • DeathToRain

    I would love to see him release 50 of these at a park and just run from them and when he sees someone to shout at them to run for their lives 🤣 would have to put the server and laptop in a backpack

  • DJ Jaxxon
    DJ Jaxxon

    So I was watching the channel Chicago Reacts and I just now suggested that he react to this video I'm about to link. The one I am watching him react to right now is this video of yours I am commenting on here. Point I'm trying to make and ask is I wonder if you got this video concept from this one? that vvv video isnets.info/main/pqWssKJ4113BoKs/v-deo.html&ab_channel=sajjadkazmi PS let's try to get Chicago Reacts to react to that ^^^ video because I'm learning he's super afraid of robot uprising :P

  • Drake Frye
    Drake Frye

    At 6:13 you can see the terror in his face as they all rise up but then it all falls apart

  • Nico Lopez
    Nico Lopez

    Man, I love Michel’s videos great sense of humor and Will to spite

  • Sir Chin Cheeks
    Sir Chin Cheeks

    Imagine that preview of killer drones was inspired by this

  • Holden, Mommy & Grommy
    Holden, Mommy & Grommy

    Add razorblades

  • pana 115
    pana 115

    put knifes on them

  • MemeLord 876
    MemeLord 876

    Tony stark, on drugs

  • Austin Fry
    Austin Fry

    I have a DJI let’s it kind of killed itself by losing battery power in the air and hitting concrete

  • Dirt Dawg
    Dirt Dawg


  • Loukas Kalamboussis
    Loukas Kalamboussis

    Wouldn't it be cool if he made tazer drones?

  • King Fox
    King Fox

    Go test it on real people

  • Strawberry Blonde Salon Staff
    Strawberry Blonde Salon Staff

    I swear Micheals gonna cause the uprising then the robots are gonna claim him as their leader

  • Péter Henzsel
    Péter Henzsel

    Then you switched to TASERS

  • James

    Should have added tazers

  • Quinton T. Kramer Jr.
    Quinton T. Kramer Jr.

    This video did not age well what with the pandemic

  • Josh Ng
    Josh Ng

    where do i buy those drones?

  • baberz gaming
    baberz gaming

    Scp 096 be like

  • Devilish Struggles
    Devilish Struggles

    I love how passive-aggressive Micheal is to his fans

  • M A X Z E R O
    M A X Z E R O

    What drone are you useing