I Freak Out Over a Copyright Claim
just wanted to throw out a quick video letting you guys know what's going on. We'll get back to normal videos, no worry

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Song: saib. - morning clouds

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    Anyone notice my bed is a sheet on the ground?



    • EmotionAltF4

      That is the worst sheet you could have ever pulled out of ur feathers

    • Kabir Kumar
      Kabir Kumar

      You too?

    • Shamblesu

      @Tony Cornejo you’re not funny

    • Liam Killerx
      Liam Killerx


  • Kertuu

    You don't scam the Einstein of the meme world

  • gazi

    Bruh, imagine trying to trick micheal reeves

  • Ugh



    You cant defeat big brain

  • Wallace Inc
    Wallace Inc

    Great vid

  • Malik Shahavas
    Malik Shahavas

    Could you just demonstrate in a video how u just do that.... slowly......

  • Kenneth Broce
    Kenneth Broce

    Oop gotta watch out for those bamboozle switcheroonies

  • Oneiros

    2FA is kind of useless in Canada since anyone who manage to get your phone company log in information can actually redirect your number. All they do is sending you a text that looks 100% like a spam saying that if you don't reply within 2 hours, the change will be made. Y'know, you would expect them to do the opposite...if you don't respond, the change will be cancelled. So let's say you get hack and happen to leave your phone away for a couple hours at that time, you're kinda fucked (I know, that happened to me)

  • Playge UNM
    Playge UNM

    That's was a fucking Phishing sie hahahahaha

  • Kole Koester
    Kole Koester

    Why this can happened?

  • Addizoned

    The fuck? Why is this on my recommendation? I just got out of my lilypitchu addiction..u gonna give me more?

  • Jake Sanserbast
    Jake Sanserbast

    "Why this can happened" LMFAO!

  • Tolkraft

    This is actually a great PSA I am glad to have seen. Thanks, fuck head.

  • Roman Arriaga
    Roman Arriaga

    just hover your pointer over the link and your browser should show the full link at the bottom corner

  • elizzapizza

    oh my god baby world destroyer crackhead michael

  • lauric

    doxxing people before it was popular

  • hackerman

    I’m immune to this because I never check my email lol

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez

    Call him/her

  • Mephiston

    I sure hope the password you used was a unique one for just google and youtube, because the combination of your email address and that password is in the world now. This happened to me a while back, and like the fucking moron that I was back then I used the same password for everything (hint: I don't now, I have unique passwords for everything and a password manager for this very reason) and I had to change like 30 different websites passwords because of it.

  • Criticał

    copyright claim

  • [MC] Scratch
    [MC] Scratch

    I dare you to check the amount of copyright videos i have, I’m pretty sure it’s 7


    MAYBE I CAN ONE- UP YOU: how about getting a COPYRIGHT claim on "totally free" ROYALTY-FREE music you got from a site that said it is free!! It is, and the company that "owns it" instead of just registering it with commons licence FOR FREE, they PAY TO "SECURE" their COMPLETELY FREE SONGS FROM BEING USED without their um monetizing it.. JUST ridiculous, IT'S NOT REALLY FREE ROYALTY-FREE-FOR-COMMERCIAL-USE-FREE SONGS NOW IS IT??

  • Jake Ireland
    Jake Ireland

    That bit at the end of the link looks like base64. You should have decoded it and see what it said!

  • JanwithBanan

    My first video I uploaded got a copyright claim

  • Evan Hurt
    Evan Hurt

    So don’t know who you are, but, I got your phone number. Semis like the most Michael reeves shit. Hey you tried to scam me, so I found you up address.

  • Rikegile

    I may not be remonetized in the later months because of some ISnetsr's hacker who hacked into their channel, took down my video and gave me a three month strike! Or idk, reused contents the main reason?

  • Copper Conner
    Copper Conner

    Am I the only one who realized it said “Why this can happened?”

  • David Harpster
    David Harpster

    the algorithm has blessed this video on this blessed day

  • I was here
    I was here

    Trying to hack Michael is like trying to kill the terminator. It’s just impossible.

  • Monke

    michael, You should've gaven that kind of email to jim browning.. it will be so much fkin fun.

  • Ryan Coley
    Ryan Coley

    send help to this person

  • Sophix

    Does he even care if he gets a copy right strike anymore? Like all of his videos are like "tazetazetazeBLOODtazetazeBLOOD!!!!!" That and he probably makes crazy money off of his sponsorships. He hits easily hits top ten with each video he posts

  • Victoria Lambert
    Victoria Lambert

    Funny how I decided to watch this right before I had to watch a training video about internet security/phishing.

  • The Welshi
    The Welshi

    Why this can happened

  • Conlash

    When a scammer tries to hack you so you replace their pnis with a sound-triggered piss bomb in their sleep

  • Conlash

    Doxx them. You should’ve doxxed them

    • Conlash

      @HorseLuver4Ever Yea I guess

    • HorseLuver4Ever

      That's highly illegal

  • three bee
    three bee

    I hope you signed them up to heaps of spam shit with the phone number

  • itsmoothiez

    dont hack a nerd

  • Just_PeppermintTea

    *Don't fuck with Michael Reeves*

  • MUSHY -.-
    MUSHY -.-

    3:39, that is a dutch number lmao (+31)

  • Jaidchen

    A portal straight to hell is opening when I hover my mouse over the timeline of this specific video.

  • Doge Bond
    Doge Bond

    Don’t even click links, now they can session hijack your cookies without even entering your password

  • Miko Angelo
    Miko Angelo

    dude just peed against the wind

  • j Walster
    j Walster

    Oh, k

  • Alex

    I bet Michael wouldn’t want you to see his old videos

  • Jonah Kalk
    Jonah Kalk

    3:51 you cant out clown the clown

  • Imortal Vibes
    Imortal Vibes

    Remember that he said, he'd die by getting electrocuted, but here he looks like he's bout to commit suicide

  • Carson Johnston
    Carson Johnston

    I feel like he should’ve made a robot that spams the shit out of his phone

  • Suveer Singh
    Suveer Singh

    So now i know that michael reeves is a knife guy

  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi

    "You cant outclown the clown" - Michael Reeves 2017

  • My Cup Of Tea
    My Cup Of Tea

    Imagine phishing michael reeves

  • jake hensley
    jake hensley

    Email should be illegal in the United States of America.

  • Canyonero CZ
    Canyonero CZ

    login.gmail.cio9.com not sus

  • Joshua Choi
    Joshua Choi

    not to forget the "why this can happened" section of the mail

  • skrop gema
    skrop gema

    Sorry, im taking notes, the next time i will do a better job.

    • j Walster
      j Walster

      *hey Michael, he's over here*

  • Nassim Assaf
    Nassim Assaf

    Michael will find you...paint your eyes red...big spike 3D printer

  • Kovid Aditya
    Kovid Aditya

    this video has 690 dislikes. what coincidence.

  • alsmith20000

    Also: login.gmail.cio9.com is not google's own. I did a whois on it and it is currently available, so I guess they have lost ownership of it since this happened.

    • EAX

      hahah, I just noticed it, and wanted to comment it. but I checked newest comments first and got yours 37min ago. this some weird coincidence haha. yes it's a phishing link. and Michael entered his credentials lol. 2FA saved him.

  • Winston C.
    Winston C.

    when you try to steal data from someone, don't do it to a computer nerd.

  • someone unique *
    someone unique *

    Let's take a moment to appreciate this professional thumbnail

  • CrewPasta SM
    CrewPasta SM

    U should have called them up and just say. Hey im Michael Reeves and you know i can code right? And they will realise that if you know how to code than you know how to enter the code of something and they would take their thumb out of their a$$ and hangup

  • Damagamer YT
    Damagamer YT


  • Dendran Gardner
    Dendran Gardner

    Video by Reeves: "How to lose Money on ISnets" >not monetized [Laughs in broke Nightmare]

  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • Max Bianco
    Max Bianco


  • itsjustmemes

    A fake copyright

  • cesar rosales
    cesar rosales

    They tried to hack somewon who knows how to hack..... big mistake

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter

    What a chad move, finding their phone number and address from the scammers

  • Loogle

    Anyone else's preview bar screwed up?

    • Jesse X7
      Jesse X7


  • Grenkify

    When I saw my first copyright claim, I screamed with laughter instead of freaking out.

  • TrueREAL

    hack em back

  • Booradley Mustardo
    Booradley Mustardo

    Close one

  • BM1x

    He wasn’t even trying yet still found out all this dudes info

  • Tafsir Nahian
    Tafsir Nahian

    I always mistype my password to any slang word first. Then I type my real password.

  • daniel Kuiper
    daniel Kuiper

    “I’m a living meme” has not aged badly

  • Bangaliii

    You ****** him

  • NextToLegendary

    ISnets is awful.

  • M Talha Khalid
    M Talha Khalid

    Be jigsaw heloo scammer i wana play a game😆😆 on sergury table😆

  • Srinithish Senthilkumar
    Srinithish Senthilkumar

    He be 200 IQ ^^

  • Elhanan Maayan
    Elhanan Maayan

    He sounds much more normal

  • Teo Mantecón Tardivo
    Teo Mantecón Tardivo

    Imagine trying to scam someone and the dude suddendly finds out who you are, where you live, your phone number etc

  • Axellor

    Are we gonna ignore that there's a typo in the mail aswell?

  • oompa lumpus
    oompa lumpus

    Hacker: I do hack on Michael! Michael: Amateur.

  • Thretz50

    me laughing for no reason because he randomly put a knife to his neck

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit

    This video is basically Michael: Pathetic

  • Azriel G
    Azriel G

    And this is why I dont look at my email

  • wrecked funtimefoxy
    wrecked funtimefoxy

    good to note to use 2 step when i get a false copyright strike

  • Aaron


  • Cody Carncross
    Cody Carncross

    0:54 “Why this can happened”

  • Coleton Rolson
    Coleton Rolson


  • A Nugget Of Len
    A Nugget Of Len

    this is what an uno reverse card looks like in the matrix