A Machine That Lets You Play With Cats
🌰🌰🌰 hope you like this or dont i dont car

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The Deli - 532PM

  • ATE0009 Gaming
    ATE0009 Gaming

    What happened all of his new content is gone

  • dave

    when was the last he uploaded

  • mario yu
    mario yu

    The lumpy faucet naturalistically file because timer specially answer pace a itchy relation. straight, idiotic step-father

  • AK47 47
    AK47 47

    Hey micheal if u see this try to take some time off

  • Aizxa

    Is that a sector 9 sprocket in the background of the intro?

  • Moose_ majic
    Moose_ majic

    I love in the description Michael missed the ‘e’ in care :)

  • Andres Ortiz-Duran
    Andres Ortiz-Duran

    just don't feed us after midnight

  • CmmdrRykr

    : )

  • Maverick

    oh, a sane Michael

  • Ramen, Literally Ramen
    Ramen, Literally Ramen


  • Navindra S
    Navindra S


  • TG

    Was this video privated or something? I'm surprised I never watched it before

  • Cedar Sparrow
    Cedar Sparrow

    I was 95 people away from being the 2,400,000th viewer :(

  • Thomas Bedwell
    Thomas Bedwell

    "Since I don't have cats... anymore". Wait, what

  • soul of jett
    soul of jett

    michael make a robot that shoots cannons that destroy everything !!!

    • Deep Fried Microwave Gaming
      Deep Fried Microwave Gaming

      So you want him to make an artillery robot?

  • Wendel McAllister
    Wendel McAllister

    I like the nerd stuff

  • Jakub Rejzek Junior
    Jakub Rejzek Junior

    Make a taser “reminder” which helps you learn the origin of songs played near you. For example when it hears a part of a song it has in its databaze to remind you of it beeps and you must yell the country of origin for that song or be tazed for the amount of ms equal to the averige heard frequency (4-20 seconds on averige) If songs are not your thing make it make random demands from a selection of sounds the wearer has to imitate at random interval. He gets tazed when he gets it wrong or based on how wrong he was.

  • wonder_music

    u have discord michael?

  • Wierddeath

    Why do we need this we have hands for a reosen people

  • EyeofGafeeney

    this was the "drunk era"

  • cherandshane2

    This is great

  • Michaeldr1997

    I want to link this to him now he’s streaming

  • Lime Squid VODs
    Lime Squid VODs

    Dude I was looking for the Michael Reeves video that have candy wrappers in it and I've found it.

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

    YOU LIED theres no cats :D

  • Geeking Geek
    Geeking Geek

    He uses light theme, it explains why he has constant mental breakdown

  • Danafali -
    Danafali -


  • Poggers

    shawn dawson

  • Imogene Duvall
    Imogene Duvall

    The equal grade remarkably place because acrylic timely spare toward a erratic bangladesh. quirky, amused cap

  • Dragon_slayer

    It’s funny how even without a job and college he still doesn’t upload

    • Draeconus

      He has a job.....currently its keeping two lips satisfy......

  • Friendly Tap
    Friendly Tap

    its been 7 months since your last upload and now your job is a content creator

  • laurens dekkers
    laurens dekkers

    3:44 since I don't have cats...... Anymore

  • CMX txmmy
    CMX txmmy

    At the start it's 12:01 for me and it scared the life out of me and now I'm a ghost Edit:the time is 12:01 not the vid because the vid is 6 min

  • Kel Varnsen
    Kel Varnsen

    0:25 can't believe he's dead now

  • Joe L.
    Joe L.

    He could of just made a YT bot

  • Maddog The Madlad
    Maddog The Madlad

    He had a step-by-step guide open... He acted like a true programmer... I'm so proud!

  • Alex Cameron
    Alex Cameron

    It's upsetting that viewers don't like your "nerd shit" it's my favourite part of the video.

  • SadistFurret420

    when he said that he didn’t have cats anymore was i the only one who thought the government took them away?

  • archie whistler
    archie whistler

    i eat cancer for breakfast

    • archie whistler
      archie whistler

      me too

    • archie whistler
      archie whistler


    • archie whistler
      archie whistler


  • click

    Wtf I have never seen the video and I watched all of them

  • Rüpayan Biswas
    Rüpayan Biswas

    Wait! Isn't it exactly what Codemiko does on her live stream?! Wth!?!?

  • Angie

    Why are you such a dick?

  • jonathan lam
    jonathan lam

    ISnets buddy looks like Dream...HHHUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH

  • k5 games
    k5 games

    Make gloves into a vr controller

  • Felwinter


  • The Gamer
    The Gamer

    lol i thought i said A machine that lets you PAY with cats.

  • Dr.sandflea

    I like this poor mark rober.

  • Kake

    Me: /kill @cat

  • TheMightyG1

    What the frick how did i fricking miss this ive like watched every video and somehow i miss this crap

  • Semantic Satiation
    Semantic Satiation

    I dont car either

  • Michael Reeves Clips
    Michael Reeves Clips


  • OBREY _
    OBREY _

    Song at 0:12?

  • Some Dumb Guy
    Some Dumb Guy

    i dont remember shooting peepees at michael reeves recently.

  • Mihai Teodora
    Mihai Teodora

    yeaaaaa...he's 101% drunk and drugged

  • 1

    Michael is kinda like ed from FMAB, short, smart, and goofy

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith

    ISnets is probably his full job now

  • Nukerkid 105
    Nukerkid 105

    I’ve been watching this guy forever(3 years) and I have never seen this video

  • Pyro 515
    Pyro 515

    Hey Michael, you should do something like this for spot and I know this is a 3 year old video and you won't read this comment. Poopy

  • Julian Heer
    Julian Heer

    Is Aaron still streaming it???

  • Arnold Landenberger
    Arnold Landenberger

    Life is a carnival the games are rigged and we are the freaks

  • King Ramsey
    King Ramsey

    Bruh, the last video got age restricted

  • MrTiger


  • Sentinal .R6
    Sentinal .R6

    I found that douche. isnets.info/first/1_oeQ691K5GjVE_v6gmOCA.htmlvideos Get him back if you still wanna, I know its been like 4 years but...nothing wrong with a bit of revenge every now n then.

  • Aaron

    all i wanna know is can i adapt your code to commit war crimes?(apparently the answer is yes nice turret)

  • Shae Flatt
    Shae Flatt

    the code bit is so interesting but I have absolutely no fucking idea what is going on 100% of the time

  • Tang Solaris
    Tang Solaris

    Is this back before he went insane?

  • Michele Mackey
    Michele Mackey


  • bubblse vr
    bubblse vr

    why do you have an youtube budy -d#####-???

  • Vapor Goat
    Vapor Goat

    this looks like Laboratory424 but alot more mad scientisty

  • o0Avalon0o

    Making a livestream where you can play with foster cats? This is literally my dream. 🥲

  • o0Avalon0o

    Gremlin hungry...

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    Why is the "Stupidest Gun in the World" video age restricted? It's his only age restricted video. They can age restrict that, but "Mickey Mouse Dies in Gas Explosion" is child-friendly content...

    • alicia thomas
      alicia thomas

      Its not qge restricted its just that building a gun can be triggering to some people so it restricted it so you now that this video may upset some people because he's building a gun.

  • cute kitten99983
    cute kitten99983

    I hope you do car... 🌰🌰🌰 hope you like this or dont i dont car.

  • [bigfellaayeb0ss]

    Michael why don’t you bring this back on twitch

  • Elliot Ramen
    Elliot Ramen

    the non believers saying that stream clip was fake

  • Vicki Jones
    Vicki Jones

    Hey it now has been two years so you died you can’t say your mom or your thicc

  • Royal_

    mooooom my favorite yt channel can see i am a golblin

  • Lone Rider
    Lone Rider

    You were pretty calm in this video

  • Silver BioWolf
    Silver BioWolf

    A machine that kills cats so they dont run from Michael anymore.


    You may have not died but I did because I drank so much 5h energy and did so much drugs I got Brian damage that's right I got more brain damage then I already have FROM these videos

  • ribbit

    what is that intro song?

  • stan account
    stan account

    imma give you a lil sneak peek into a rapidly deteriorating mental psyche

  • Ava Healy
    Ava Healy

    One question is he going to take any cats or is he going to train cats to do code?

  • Emma Walton
    Emma Walton

    Nice floor

  • Bubble Gum
    Bubble Gum

    Micheal in his shirt makes him look like he is about to interview after the vid

  • Jinx 1234
    Jinx 1234

    Replace the last word in the title with ‘kids’ and then I’m interested

  • Eklipse Official
    Eklipse Official

    I can't focus with al the youtube buddies flying around the pages

  • Dakota Niemi
    Dakota Niemi

    🌰🌰🌰 hope you like this or dont i don't "car" do u mean care jk jk ik what u ment

  • money influencer
    money influencer

    That youtube buddy looks like a ....

  • Tarun

    Hey I don't mind listening to the programming stuff

  • Ashrune

    I love how when you type Dumb Guy into ISnets, Michael Reeves shows up

  • Charlie Weatherford
    Charlie Weatherford

    Build an electric guitar that amplifies it’s own sound

  • Dylan Chester
    Dylan Chester

    look at the 3ft tall guy calling us gremlins

  • BlackOppsRage


  • Chrisrocksgames

    This is the precursor to drill goes brrrrrrr

  • CT-7731

    I think this is the only good idea he had. Cats are assholes, until you gave them catnips

  • Person That guy
    Person That guy

    Dude, you haven’t uploaded in a month, are you dead? (This is “minorly” sarcastic)

  • Brandon Unglaub
    Brandon Unglaub

    Telling my grandchildren you are nikola tesla

  • WhangaTy

    When I saw this video I needed to see if I can buy it.

  • Valentin Gomez
    Valentin Gomez

    3 years later and he finally streamend.

  • Undow

    Pokimane lmao