Using a Hacked Bop-It to Fix Hawaii's Missile System
Stupid Filipino child makes fun of the state of Hawaii for 9 minutes.

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  • Gabbeloa08

    the bop-it looks like a valve index controller

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry

    The Audience Retention is bitcoin

  • Mana TauruaJenkins
    Mana TauruaJenkins

    i love code

  • formsight

    3:25 lilypichu pov

  • Jennifer R
    Jennifer R

    I want to die btw😂🤣

  • Ewan Kennedy
    Ewan Kennedy

    Plz do the code tutorials

  • Keine Ahnung
    Keine Ahnung

    why are codes boring

  • Teddy Bride Mayor
    Teddy Bride Mayor

    "How did I program this without having an aneurysm?" Oh Michael, it's far too late for that.

  • this guy
    this guy

    This is good

  • Robin-Urmas Orula
    Robin-Urmas Orula

    But.....what is bopit

  • Chair

    I hate you too

  • untamable

    Make a fing when you friends talk it tasted them and tell jokes to them so they get tased set it up to max

  • Vittorio Mancuso
    Vittorio Mancuso

    It would be nice if you created a new channel

  • Abrar Shah niaz shah (Montfortss)
    Abrar Shah niaz shah (Montfortss)

    honestly he is my fav member in offfline tv

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne

    Do it

  • Dead Security
    Dead Security

    What is bopit?

  • Sim On
    Sim On

    Me 3 years later: It would be cool if the Bob it Would get the name „Bomb it“

  • Starbotics_INC

    Its 3 am and that alarm just blared off my phone, wish me luck...

  • Walnut

  • DEATH 777
    DEATH 777

    I gosh damn love the world war Z reference

  • Rook

    I hate how the words aren't in the parentheses

  • NoedStillScaresMe PS4
    NoedStillScaresMe PS4

    I’m going to bazinga your jinga

  • caybe

    I was in Hawaii during this

  • Backyard biking
    Backyard biking


  • AkaiXD

    Give the bop it guy some gratitude he had meth and didn't get caught

  • Leon Merciai
    Leon Merciai

    Bop it! Twist it! Fornicate with it..?

  • Fabian Fernandez
    Fabian Fernandez

    If i had a bop it like that i have no clue what to do so looks like world war 3 yay

  • garrett the carrot
    garrett the carrot


  • Brandon Gonzalez
    Brandon Gonzalez

    Who on patreon ended up getting the bop it

  • Piratescode Productions
    Piratescode Productions

    I know this is a very old video, but I totally put my vote towards showing the code and engineering side of things on another channel

  • Synchronizor

    That's what Bop Its look like now?

  • Donna Panetta
    Donna Panetta

    code is the best

  • Arya Latefi
    Arya Latefi

    Bop it! Twist it! Press it! Screw it! -FUCKING BLOWS UP EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CITY IN THE WORL-

  • My life
    My life

    Uhh, I don't know how to use that fucking thing, I've never played the game

  • Kuba Wlos
    Kuba Wlos

    Code channel would be cool

  • ricky reteard
    ricky reteard


  • the only real person
    the only real person

    I remember when this happened. Every one was scared

  • phantom's AU's
    phantom's AU's


  • snez

    Bop It! Twist It! Push it! NUKE IT!

  • Lizzie

    I'n confused, do you like in America or hawaii?

  • Psycho_SavekillqqpYTRB

    Make it say F*ck it!!!

  • J H
    J H

    I like the code channel idea!

  • Toon Geukens
    Toon Geukens

    I was about to type "damn he has so many sunglasses" :: drops glasses on the floor

  • Florimon t
    Florimon t

    Bob it ? I realy don't know ... It's not good know in belgium 😂

  • CyntaCS

    make cod chanel

  • Payal Kadam
    Payal Kadam

    Please do make a second channel about teaching codes

  • joshua woodward
    joshua woodward

    Make a chalkboard that when you get near it. Falls on you

  • joshua woodward
    joshua woodward

    All your ideas suck Michael Reeves Viewers

  • Bruh Nugget
    Bruh Nugget

    Look how puny he was

  • Santiago Rodríguez Eidner
    Santiago Rodríguez Eidner

    Yes, I want a code channel

  • Hope Papernacky
    Hope Papernacky

    *reads title* You WHAT

  • Arlett Carreno
    Arlett Carreno

    What a pop it

  • liliana ontiveros
    liliana ontiveros


  • sir slothingham
    sir slothingham

    wait so they did have a warning like "hey, you're about to start a statewide panic, just a heads up"

  • Bcc

    3:45 when you hear you mom and your dad are in there room and you here something but your scared in the dark

  • NightlyColt Gaming
    NightlyColt Gaming

    Bro please make that second channel

  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan Robinson

    Jesus michael you need to install resharper and start extracting some methods :D

  • Jayden Daniel
    Jayden Daniel

    8:30 scared me so bad

  • Luke Savage
    Luke Savage

    4:50 Is that music from Dunkirk or is it just me?!

  • ShrimpySimp

    Everyone's talking about the bop it.. But no one talking about sharing the S.H.*.T.E.R on Facebook

  • LlamaLord

    i have never seen a crustier webpage than that missile alert page

  • edit me edit me edit me edit me edit me edit Reeves
    edit me edit me edit me edit me edit me edit Reeves

    2:21 I see you're improving your doctor.

  • Sebastian Ordaz
    Sebastian Ordaz


  • luke castrogiovanni
    luke castrogiovanni

    5:00 aaaaaah code

  • murial

    code breakdown when

  • gamer boi drift -we dislike furrys-
    gamer boi drift -we dislike furrys-

    7:18 yeah, *no fu**ing relation with the war we are in now*

  • Alex Hedges
    Alex Hedges

    Personally, from the code seen on screen, the worst part is that multiple variables are spelled with "sentance" instead of "sentence".

  • Owen Penrose
    Owen Penrose

    “And me, being a life- long loganger, I go to dab on the dead”

  • Alexey Chernikov
    Alexey Chernikov

    2:44 why not just add a keypad and enter the correct code for missile launch??

  • RubyVolcano Plays
    RubyVolcano Plays

    saying a 12 year old designed it is an insult to 12 year olds

  • Karlo Auguštanec
    Karlo Auguštanec

    You'd actually be quite a decent, if not more than that, code instructor :), go for it

  • Jubnx

    Alright micheal is officially Logang forever

    • Jubnx

      And we shall bully him for it forever even tho it was a joke

  • xylz is daddy
    xylz is daddy

    hey i live there :) i was happy until everyone said it was fake

  • Tea&Sadness

    I like how he tried to be how to basic for a few seconds

  • Ghetsu

    Guys I know what is michael's favourite number *69*

  • tonkatuffnuts

    So uh, just watching this now. How bout that second channel where you go over the code more indepth? Id be very interested in that!

  • Jude.Z Garcia
    Jude.Z Garcia

    mans said Viya not via 5:27

  • MMmMMmM oops-
    MMmMMmM oops-

    The first braincell meme

  • 1000WattsGaming

    i lov code lol idk why this dude thinks that we don't like it but its the part where you learn in this video

  • daniela contreras
    daniela contreras

    Yes, to a channel all about coding!!!

  • The Fist
    The Fist

    You should make a bop it that will tase you if you miss up.

  • Zaza Warner
    Zaza Warner

    “What is this 2018” -Micheal Reeves 2018

  • Lunar

    Omg........... *Read more*

  • Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt
    Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt

    Wait u live in Hawaii I did not know that what island I live in Maui

    • Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt
      Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt

      @rat soup oh ty

    • rat soup
      rat soup

      he lives on maui, he says so in his mind control car video where he films next to kahului harbor

  • Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt
    Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt

    I live in Maui I was like fuck yea I was not scared lmaooooo

  • Henry Wojas
    Henry Wojas

    It’s been 10 months and I still don’t know what bopit is

  • Sami Azzam
    Sami Azzam

    Yes make a coding channel

  • Wikterror 2807
    Wikterror 2807

    It's scary how some people reacted. Seeing what people act like when death comes a knocking is interesting

  • Itz Ross
    Itz Ross

    I was fucking eating cereal thanks Michael

  • Sam Robins
    Sam Robins

    Yes Live in Hawaii to what island do you live on

  • dead memes
    dead memes

    the dab on the dead killed me (not literal this time).

    • Elliot Hammer
      Elliot Hammer

      Darn it! Now I can't dab on you.

  • Darryl Wilson
    Darryl Wilson

    You could've used the URL as a constant for your WebRequest, could've initialized the short "waveValues" as var, what you've got in your for loop in your form needs to be simplified by making a separate method if you want to use that logic for indexing,. But other than that, PR approved, you may merge into your branch. PS: Why no dark mode? Are you truly insane?

  • David Silva
    David Silva

    Do it

  • Toto The Squid
    Toto The Squid

    _that was 2018?!_

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez

    I would've loved to have been friends with you in middle school

  • NateGaming

    shhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeessssssssshhh yes daddy

  • Jack Darren Murphy
    Jack Darren Murphy

    Make another channel. Ur awesome dude I love these vids and Im trying to get into coding

  • Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly

    I never learnt code but always had an interest but the coding is the whole reason I found the channel

  • April Penaflor
    April Penaflor

    I remember that morning I got the warning Me: Baby!! What are we gonna do??? Is there a shelter?? Husband: Nope. Me: So what are we supposed to do...?? Husband: Die i guess. *continues playing phone game* We waited in bed until they said "false alarm". I texted my family and kept them updated, even saying my goodbyes, was a really stressful time for me at least 🙃

  • Clay'z Playz
    Clay'z Playz

    Does he actually live in Hawaii