I Hate Your Robot Ideas
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maybe someday you'll run out of robot ideas

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Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Tank!

  • KillerKitten753

    5:09 it’s like a less charismatic Chris Hansen

  • weston

    Make a robot that makes shitty robot from shitty robot ideas 👍

  • Fire_Scout

    make a robot that freaking kills you

  • West Fall
    West Fall

    taser desk for taser face

  • XD-TFG1885

    You should make a robot that destroys bad robot ideas

  • Deathlord Icelord
    Deathlord Icelord

    0:00 that scared me in a way to where my jump was delayed

  • Merritt

    Give me a mother bored and some electronics please I love you Michael your the best

  • Merritt

    Make a robot that shoots you with a BB gun in the face every 16 seconds

  • Merritt

    Make a robot that shoots you in the eye with a BB gun

  • Rhett S102
    Rhett S102

    no way this video was a year ago

  • alan santi
    alan santi

    elmo elmo elmo elmo elmo

  • Fancy Bob Rblx.
    Fancy Bob Rblx.

    I love it when he says “BAM. A chair you can’t fucking sit on!”

  • ImBadPleaseDontHurtMe

    make a machine that would instantly call pokimane or make a robot that shots u everytime u drink water @michael reeves

  • LowMilesLegion

    make a car that runs you over when ever you walk infront of it

  • Caleb Fenner
    Caleb Fenner

    Build a painting that looks at people as they walk past, then looks away when they look at the painting.

  • Rory McDowell
    Rory McDowell

    Make a bomb

  • istoleyourlawnmower

    build a robot that draws images/faces with an etch-a-sketch

  • PotPanYoutube

    make a robot where it crushes bad ideas so you dont have too

  • Szymon Kuczko
    Szymon Kuczko

    For next episode build a robot that cyberbullies others dumbass ideas

  • ErZark

    Build a Floor that lights up and plays soundeffects if u walk over it

  • Devils Pet
    Devils Pet

    Can i buy a tazer desk from you?

  • Tiffany Faile
    Tiffany Faile

    Make a refrigerator that when you put food in it it shoots it out.

  • Ben :D
    Ben :D

    make headphones that tazes you when the audio reaches a certain decibel level

  • Cyclo Gaming
    Cyclo Gaming

    make a robot that keeps food cold or that makes it freeze

  • Yes. I'm that Arabella.
    Yes. I'm that Arabella.

    I wonder if the table got bought

  • peepee

    Make a toy soildeir that swears and says inappropriate stuff and then give it to a kid

  • peepee

    Make a remote that swears at you when you press and eventually taxes you

  • peepee

    Make a phone that tazes you when your on it to much

  • peepee

    Build a sand paper suit

  • XeonFX

    Make a robot which automaticly cyberbully other people robot ideas.

  • joshie richards
    joshie richards

    a robot that gathers good ideas and puts them in a group and puts the bad ideas in a bin

  • Benni B.
    Benni B.

    Make your windshield wipers, automatically wipe in the beat of the music that is played in the car.

  • Mason Dukes
    Mason Dukes

    Do the Epic robot with swords and flamethrowers so you can slice people's ankles off with all the bad comments

  • The Golden Pikachu
    The Golden Pikachu

    A shity robot idea on my video goodbye

  • Dr.MemeMan

    make a robot that poops robots

  • Bruh Meme
    Bruh Meme

    The fact that he kept on trying to flip the book pages was hilarious

  • W0ter D0g
    W0ter D0g

    Make a printer that prints printers that prints printers and so on

  • Michael Monroe
    Michael Monroe

    u told me too sooooooo a shitty robot idea

  • Catgamer 615
    Catgamer 615

    ah yes: ejector chairs

  • CoyoteBoyo

    Insert shitty robot idea here

  • StarAnimates

    For all the hardcore rhythm gamers make a DDR Pad that tazes them when they miss once.

  • Keller Sturdivant
    Keller Sturdivant

    Make bullshit

  • DaDiamondGamer141

    I love your videos, man. I just wanted to say, what about a robot that serves you drinks and sh*t and tazes anyone who tries to come near you? Like an assistant, only more violent. Kinda a dumb idea, but i think its kinda funny at the same time.

  • Georgie Romero
    Georgie Romero

    Make a robot that prints robot ideas then burns the ides

  • jordan krehmeyer
    jordan krehmeyer

    Ill take the desk

  • Dorian Rayome
    Dorian Rayome


  • Dorian Rayome
    Dorian Rayome

    make a back pack that does everything for you so you don't have

  • Tyler Lucas
    Tyler Lucas

    make an alarm clock that shocks you awake

  • NexterDay

    i am so sad i cant get honey on opera

  • Bolt_Waffle

    Create an anti taser taser

  • Pumpkin head Romero
    Pumpkin head Romero

    Make a spider that says let me check under the hood

  • Marci Wallace
    Marci Wallace

    Try a robot that smashes your head against a wall

  • Leondre Dinkins-Hill
    Leondre Dinkins-Hill

    Can you make a robot that charges your phone and it where your phone is charged all the way it tases you

  • Carter Brummel
    Carter Brummel

    A robot that is good

  • Ronin Wheeler
    Ronin Wheeler

    Build a drone that tries to taste people by running into them. And control it

  • Shrimpy

    Make a strap for any VR headset that makes the headset fall of your face after 2 hours to prevent playing for too long

  • Starr

    Random Invention Idea: When you move, you get tased. (Like a coffin or some S@&t) You freak out the contestants and if they move the device will tase their whole body. You can add a tens unit to see the pain.

  • veronica voyeur
    veronica voyeur

    hah pissed in chair

  • Noah holden
    Noah holden

    he looks like a depressed, obese harry potter

  • Light

    Make a robot that shits ice cream

  • Sevrin Nelson
    Sevrin Nelson

    Make a robot that can do. That spams a button so you don’t have to do any ads

  • Drewoodle Mc.Noodle
    Drewoodle Mc.Noodle

    Make a door that tries to shut in you as you open it. Or Make a door that locks behind you without your consent.

  • Ella Raz
    Ella Raz

    make a robot that says HELLO when you walk by it

  • Carl Zornosa
    Carl Zornosa

    shitty robot idea

  • Sio Back Again
    Sio Back Again

    Make a Python code that says “no, you stupid c***” every single time a crappy robot idea comes in

  • Krimson King
    Krimson King

    Make a fridge that can sense what you say and open the door to what kind of food you want

  • letty martinez
    letty martinez

    Build a robot that has legs to kick you in the middle

  • lolli neko
    lolli neko

    a robot that tortures people by explaining code from another robot

  • PhampletYT

    Make a Fitbit that tazes you when you get too little exercise

  • - c a r e l e s s B e e s -
    - c a r e l e s s B e e s -

    Build a gay plate

  • Reezy

    make an boat that auto fish

  • Puffle

    First video I watched and that alarm clock part was already enough to make my family think I needed to go to the emergency room

  • Akbar Baig
    Akbar Baig

    make a robot that shocks you every time you fall asleep

  • Nonkana

    build a chair that you can drive

  • Gr4monster

    ogga bogga

  • BeeBear

    You should make a dancing robot but it has two left feet and can't dance properly

  • Xavier Ferrell
    Xavier Ferrell

    He needs to make tazer ball

  • PlayKittens Inc.
    PlayKittens Inc.

    Who else getting 3 minute unskippable ads?

  • I Can't Me8
    I Can't Me8

    make a robot that says "hey bitch" whenever someone walks through the door

  • Juan Villanueva
    Juan Villanueva

    Build a toilet that shocks u if you take too long

  • Hayman

    Build a Michele reeves robot that roast its viewers

  • Sarah H-Poirier
    Sarah H-Poirier

    A robot that wakes you up at a certain time in the day preferably afternoon I know you're probably going to put this through the idea shredder so f*** you

  • CountryBoii410


  • Sid Ice age
    Sid Ice age

    Build a gun that shoots bullets

  • Frog fart Ompalompa
    Frog fart Ompalompa

    Build glasses that makes you see what your belt buckle see

  • Reub Gilky
    Reub Gilky

    Make a tazer

  • PrayedClover220

    Hey! Here’s a absolutely shitty idea! How about a robot that chases and tases people, the Michael 2.0.

  • Donald P Paul
    Donald P Paul

    You are lonely ,build you and play with it if you survive make a video

  • Kai Wong
    Kai Wong

    a shitty robot idea

  • TheJamJar

    make a treadmill that only gets faster when you try and run

  • Michael Corsentino
    Michael Corsentino

    Make a robot that doesn't exist


    Make a robot that slaps really fucking hard

  • Valaris Games
    Valaris Games

    Make a functional IG-100 Magnaguard

  • Rance Parrish
    Rance Parrish

    hi make a robot arm and head the arm tat givs the middal fengar to pepols robot ideas and the head sas fuck you

  • Mostly Toasty
    Mostly Toasty

    Make a pimple remover

  • Blixer Fox
    Blixer Fox

    Make you but he self destructs when you say a curse at it

  • Emago

    if his parents were rich he would be tony stark

  • toxic avenger
    toxic avenger

    Coming soon to a die-kia furniture store near you

  • Tace Myers
    Tace Myers

    Taser dog