A Robot That Shoots Energy Drink at You When You Get Tired
Next video will be a robot that shoots Proactive at my face

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  • cam kelly
    cam kelly

    Lesson of the day lasers in your eyes don’t keep you up Monster does

  • RankGamerZoid

    You need to make like 10, then have an epic water fight and use it to protect your base or you should postion a bunch around your house to spray anyone on your property

  • Karim Fadi
    Karim Fadi

    Make another video about the arm robot arm

  • Karim Fadi
    Karim Fadi

    You're alive I need to see to you stupid

  • RazorBlade

    7:27 *"Enemy Spotted"*

  • Ryan Fern
    Ryan Fern

    hey reeves michael here

  • Paxton Bunch
    Paxton Bunch

    7:39 that noise though

  • Anthony Nedelin
    Anthony Nedelin

    I am Jewish and I really liked the name 😂😂

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry

    Vsauce. Micheal here, and

  • XxMidnightZero

    I literally just almost peed myself laughing when it shot him. Omg who knew laughing so hard hurt so much!🤣🤣

  • Why?why?why?why?why?why?why?why? Why?
    Why?why?why?why?why?why?why?why? Why?

    Robot idea: an alarm clock that wakes you up when you fall asleep

  • Captain Wobbs
    Captain Wobbs

    To be fair, this would probably wake you up regardless of if any drink gets in your mouth.

  • TheFireAilpine Gaming
    TheFireAilpine Gaming

    It’s not a complete failure at least wakes you up when the water splashed on your face😂

  • Noddle TV
    Noddle TV

    1:52 why does that sound like Willy wonka

  • Jens Vanhoof
    Jens Vanhoof

    7:46 *realizes he almost closed his eyes again

  • Reape r
    Reape r

    8:52 me yes to see that was very funny thanks

  • Opad 86
    Opad 86

    Somedays I like to screenshot Mykulls’ face and print it out so I can connect the dots 💯

  • Tyshonn Barrow
    Tyshonn Barrow

    that'll keep anyone up

  • nerfjkm2009

    Me see the thumbnail and be like oh no he made a ride pod launcher cause just cause he loves dead memes

  • Hahayourdeadnme

    This is just a water gun with aim bot

  • Devon Francis
    Devon Francis


  • TheStanding

    Old Michael looks like the nerd version of Elon musk.

  • Blazemuch

    now make it fire a gun

  • elijah olivers
    elijah olivers

    Use hot coffee

  • Bush Flamingo
    Bush Flamingo

    I couldn't care less about the vid the cat shirt it the the best part until he switched shirts

  • Jaume F
    Jaume F

    Working perfectly

  • sokół

    OMG I Cry Out From Laughter

  • xXAdryXx -
    xXAdryXx -

    build a builder

  • Nickolas fuck you wanna know my name for
    Nickolas fuck you wanna know my name for


  • tomasjk kovacs
    tomasjk kovacs

    2:15 Do you still care it's a dead meme?

  • minetruly

    Wow, maybe he IS HowToBasic.

  • ǝ ʞ ǝ Z
    ǝ ʞ ǝ Z

    If it were me i’d use bleach

  • Legendarymoonplayz

    Is it a dead meme

  • Lincon Yannantuono
    Lincon Yannantuono

    Make a robot that makes food for you

  • sparyplayz


  • The Lego Moc Man
    The Lego Moc Man

    Someone: *is tired* The machine: *whats the hell is the geneva convention?*

  • Manny Garcia
    Manny Garcia

    1:52 reminds me of Willy wonka

  • Jade Fitzgerald
    Jade Fitzgerald

    "Hitler ruins everything" ... well you're not wrong

  • Silaas Dane
    Silaas Dane

    Michael having a heart attack and vehemently whispering 'imsostupid imsostupid' is my anxiety 24/7

  • Jason Byrd
    Jason Byrd

    Very few things have made me laugh like this omg

  • Bug2246

    At the end of the day just set it to like 100 psi so it wakes you up either way

  • Garrett Elliott
    Garrett Elliott

    do u care if its a dead meme or not

  • Phaqil Campo
    Phaqil Campo

    Build a robot dog

  • Endzuki Moo
    Endzuki Moo

    Can i buy this, i hate sleeping

  • YoYo Tuber
    YoYo Tuber

    this will wake you up *and everybody in your house because of you falling, screaming, and the energy drink spraying*

  • Dog_Dude13

    he turns into willy wonka 1:50

  • Steven GD
    Steven GD

    Never laughed so much

  • Nerdy-Playz

    7:29 yeah when u put 40 that was 40 psi so double the pressure in a car tyre

  • Dr. Davenport Lee
    Dr. Davenport Lee

    do yu care about that it is a ded meme michaeeeeeel?

  • Dhoomketu

    I thought it was for pod eating competition 😂

  • *-Aesthetic Rose-*
    *-Aesthetic Rose-*

    5:00 Could this guy be how to basic? 😲

  • YOYOtheonly

    I dont think i need the drink if that shit looks at me i aint gonna sleep

  • Jacqueline Tagalo
    Jacqueline Tagalo

    It is more like a mini gun

  • Yesbu Chan
    Yesbu Chan

    Wouldn’t the water work as well?

  • Repulsive Shoes
    Repulsive Shoes

    He seems to think this doesn't work as planned, but I dare you to try to fall asleep with this thing on your desk.

  • Río Rodríguez
    Río Rodríguez

    0:58 Hitler ruins everything

  • Jennifer Lomotan
    Jennifer Lomotan

    Build a chicken nugget machine gun to terrorize people and our bad invention ideas

  • Jennifer Lomotan
    Jennifer Lomotan

    Build a chicken nugget machine gun to terrorize people and our bad invention ideas

  • Jennifer Lomotan
    Jennifer Lomotan

    Build a chicken nugget machine gun to terrorize people and our bad invention ideas

  • Jennifer Lomotan
    Jennifer Lomotan

    Build a chicken nugget machine gun to terrorize people and our bad invention ideas

  • Jennifer Lomotan
    Jennifer Lomotan

    Build a chicken nugget machine gun to terrorize people and our bad invention ideas

  • Jennifer Lomotan
    Jennifer Lomotan

    Build a chicken nugget machine gun to terrorize people and our bad invention ideas

  • Rosé Pasta
    Rosé Pasta

    Watched the video Me: never knew tide was an energy drink🤔

  • Diamond Kota
    Diamond Kota

    I think you should just make it spray water at your face, because it wakes you up much more efficiently.

  • Crow _
    Crow _

    Bur michael whats the electronic power for you didnt lable it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Candice Nuts
    Candice Nuts

    Omg hes a big nerd and i faking lov it 😂

  • Scribbled

    michael: the squirtboy 9000 squirtboy: *heavy instincts activated*

  • Ju

    That shit Is amazing

  • Sinox

    5:22 Micheal do you use that or someone else, 😂

  • Colonel Custard
    Colonel Custard

    Do y'all ever dislike a video, then re-like so its higher in your liked-feed?

  • Eon Adam Dizon
    Eon Adam Dizon

    You have now made a weaponized water gun against sleepy people

  • ahmidi yasser
    ahmidi yasser

    i am so disappointed how non of the ten top comments didn't mention the VSAUCE reference in this video (that's only what i could read cuz YOUR ROBOT IDEAS FUCKING SUCK)


      if you dont like his robot ideas then dont waych him idiot and why do they have to be the vsauce reference what are you a vsause stan?

  • Fabian Farbeyond
    Fabian Farbeyond

    I don’t understand how the CIA has not snatched up your ass and has you in a underground base reverse engineering UFO technology.

  • Delta

    No one try this but I survived putting my finger in a terminal and yeah I don't know how I survived but I feel a jolt of electricity go through me

  • TTV.tryhard 07
    TTV.tryhard 07

    Lmao the vsauce intro

  • Carl Playzrbx
    Carl Playzrbx

    the fucking robot attacked him

  • Gedext Gaming
    Gedext Gaming

    Quality content

  • Nicholas Tan
    Nicholas Tan

    Erm Michael, there’s a thing called a funnel to pour your water in

  • NoScopeRequired •
    NoScopeRequired •

    The William osman t-shirt

  • E

    Back when michael's videos were monetized

  • hà Naruto
    hà Naruto

    copyright from michel vsace

  • AJ Vasava
    AJ Vasava

    Energy drinks are bad for health

  • 햄스터

    funny lad

  • Alex Brenneman
    Alex Brenneman

    he sounds and looks like nevel from i carly but i don’t want to punch him in the face. in fact i think he wants to punch me in the face😂

  • DougDog

    oh no

  • jack odonoghue
    jack odonoghue

    at least it wakes you up

  • Tamashiyuki

    I'm guessing this is prior to the day wherein he started tormenting his roommates with his inventions instead of only himself. Hey Micheal, here's a robot idea: People blink too much and it's a real epidemic. It's disrupting conversations and staring contests. You should build a robot that taz- I mean, trains you to blink less, by counting the number of times you've shut your eyes over the past minute, and reinforcing that you shouldn't do that when you do it too much.

  • Hydrocore 21
    Hydrocore 21

    HOW DID HE KNOW 0:29

  • bullet. games
    bullet. games


  • Brock Molchany
    Brock Molchany

    When it looked at him he got so scared

  • G Dennis
    G Dennis

    Only if they had this in Freddy Kruger

  • W___A___F!!!

    "isent it increadible what the human brain can block out?" haha human

  • A PlayZ
    A PlayZ

    *alarm clock for students to so they can sleep at all

  • eTanium

    Michael Reeves - I'm a developer, with no current need to learn Java, but I'd watch your try to do a tutorial on any programing (maybe a secondary channel?). I think you'd be the least boring person to do a coding tutorial, haha. GGs.

  • Verdiekus ___
    Verdiekus ___

    To be honest, just use water. Being assaulted with 40 psi water would wake anyone up.

  • An Idiot
    An Idiot

    Everybody else:Oh hey! A Michael Reeves video! Me: [ *Flashing back to dumbasses of my generation stuffing chemicals in their mouths* ]

  • rou

    "have u gone to see psychiatric help?" "well don't worry we'll get right into that in a sec" *Continues to ignore it the entire video*

  • Sir Attengate The Slur Magnate
    Sir Attengate The Slur Magnate

    7:29 and the wait was worth it

  • KONO DIO DA!!!
    KONO DIO DA!!!

    The final solution

  • AnimalGamer