Hacking Drones With a Child's Toy
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Somehow managed to make this video about hacking a drone with a children's education toy. I just moved so it took a hot second, but do not fear there are more memes on the horizon

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android 52 - romance
engelwood - crystal dolphin

  • Jennifer Rylan
    Jennifer Rylan

    The black-and-white snowman implicitly fax because grey successfully breathe down a encouraging carp. elderly, earsplitting plate

  • Keqing Simp
    Keqing Simp

    0:37 *Lua*

  • Music Gamer8
    Music Gamer8

    7:17 top left

  • Savage foox
    Savage foox

    What if you programmed spot

  • Savage foox
    Savage foox

    Fun fact I made discount Minecraft with the this

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams

    If he checked he would know that you can make 3d games on scratch

  • CHI Productions
    CHI Productions

    Why must the songs in the description not be in order

  • Catgamer 615
    Catgamer 615

    Michael reeeeee

  • Mr_Fancy

    7:16 Michael what the fuck

  • ٰ

    *child programming* you never saw gb.sb2

  • MartyBoi

    "you can only make super simple crappy games" *griffpatch would like to know your location* he literally made 2d minecraft

  • Shale Man Comic Guy
    Shale Man Comic Guy

    Also I took months and months to make this 5 minute animation on scratch, and I am completely biased, so...kinda hurts, but you're an actual programmer so--

  • Shale Man Comic Guy
    Shale Man Comic Guy

    Michael: YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING COMPLICATED Griffpatch: are you sure about t--

  • Kookie_Dow

    Holy shit 0:45 is hilarious.

  • Winston Lopez
    Winston Lopez

    Ahahaha the fucken fire extinguisher. Impressive he got the drone work on scratch. He's not lying about kids program. Looks like a fun game. He really should make a game app for this.

  • Yousef Al-Ahmad
    Yousef Al-Ahmad

    make your laptop keyboard take you every time you press a button

  • SoneyTheAnimationGuy

    When I saw this video in my timeline I already knew it was going to be scratch before I even clicked on it XD

  • Arin Manzano
    Arin Manzano

    Make a robot that 3d prints a cat every 5 hours

  • X Gamer5
    X Gamer5

    I play scratch at school

  • Katie

    I stated with python as my first code language

  • h7opolo

    1:43 "verbose" is used wrongly here. i think you combined the two words "robust" and "versatile" to arrive at "verbose".

  • wecko

    our laptops are same yay now i am a dumbass

  • Ender_ Nite
    Ender_ Nite

    Next video: sending a NASA shuttle to Mars using Scratch.

  • Dima Gass
    Dima Gass

    Only problem is that Parrot is literally the worst drone I've ever had🤣

  • Scary DOGGO
    Scary DOGGO

    How do you connect the drone to scratch

  • Antoni Gaming
    Antoni Gaming

    your cringing at this go on a phone and download scratch junior

  • The One Word Commenter
    The One Word Commenter


  • gamerguy

    7:17 i see william osman in the window edit: you can see him again at 7:52

  • Plexian Films
    Plexian Films

    Me when I eat taco bell 4:06

  • Ctrl - Alt - Nerd
    Ctrl - Alt - Nerd

    I'm in HIGH SCHOOL and they are still making us use scratch. I might do something like this just for fun, since literally everyone in that class knows 3 programming language, but isn't allowed to use any of them

  • CodyTheMemeLord

    If you wonder what code you should learn I would recomend python

  • Taylor D
    Taylor D

    i have the same laptoo as him why do i feel so happy abt this

  • Chase Powers
    Chase Powers

    Micheal Reeves wrote the scripting for Half-Life Manhacks

  • Rooitske Jorritsma
    Rooitske Jorritsma

    I programed gravetey in this

  • Dat Nerdy-Artsy Girl
    Dat Nerdy-Artsy Girl

    I used to use Scratch in Elementary school! I still sometimes use it to play plants vs zombies. Now I'm going into high school... still playing plants vs zombies...

  • Helena Marie
    Helena Marie

    this child is pretty funny for a 44 year old!

  • Joel Jackson
    Joel Jackson

    you should do this again maybe another project cause it's been updated a lot. much lest shityniss

  • alchemi7

    Michael shut the fuck up scratch is for every age

  • Archer Moore
    Archer Moore

    The game is called “scratch” if ur wondering

  • Lora Mullins
    Lora Mullins

    Yo he was using scratch in the begging I use scratch cause school and stuff

  • azad bayzaee
    azad bayzaee

    i dont really code scratch but i do play some stuff

  • James Cowan
    James Cowan

    As someone who has made computer crashing games with scratch... everything he says is true

  • Rekked

    scratch is the website Edit: oh he said the website

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady


  • Xd Penpega
    Xd Penpega

    New title: crackhead toddler beats up drone and grown man using terrible coding

  • TeamWake-N-Bake

    The fact you still get ads on your videos is mighty impressive 🤣

  • ケホソナvaporwave

    The thumb nail tho

  • Zempt77

    1:15 also scratch: makes a ray tracing engine to make 3d games

  • Tarcticud

    7:17 Well that's not good

  • anime girl eating cereal
    anime girl eating cereal

    Michael: This is a child's toy Me who made a functional camera, 3D engine, a RPG, and an online chat room on the platform: sad cat thumbs up [edit: hooray i got false ip banned]

    • anime girl eating cereal
      anime girl eating cereal

      @Catgamer 615 Well, the RPG engine is still being made. It's particularly hard to make other enemies and stuff, but the rest is alright ig. Might send a mediafire link someday

    • Catgamer 615
      Catgamer 615

      Woah , I wanna play that game!

  • Cash Giglio
    Cash Giglio

    Love you

  • Cash Giglio
    Cash Giglio

    Put your gasses on your scaring me

  • Axel Vogel
    Axel Vogel


  • Samarth Agarwal
    Samarth Agarwal

    Wait a minute I have the same model laptop as Michael

  • This is a name
    This is a name

    i like using c++ as it mostly is faster than other programming languages

  • nojusXDcrazy

    7:17 top left Corner why

  • The Soviet Union ✔️
    The Soviet Union ✔️

    I used to play that in my stem class

  • MAD-BR

    6:37 spoiler for surgery mashime

  • Chrisumaru

    "you can only use scratch for very basic animations or shitty games" 3 years later: RAY TRACING IN SCRATCH 3D GAMEPLAY IN SCRATCH there will always be a way

  • MatthewPlays_YT


  • SaltyReaper243


  • Flame Toby
    Flame Toby

    Stop the cuuuuurse my mom beat my asd

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera

    Use scrach to hack into the goverments server and cuase the purge

  • Craig Diamond
    Craig Diamond

    How bout COBOL? ;-)

  • Insert channel Name
    Insert channel Name

    dark souls 4

  • Emerala

    im a kid and even i didnt start out with scratch i started with c#

  • Reczny Sqrwiel
    Reczny Sqrwiel

    i love how the video i 9:11 seconds long and hes with a drone :)

  • idk_name

    The next video in my recommended is “head hunting drone swarm”

  • TMH

    No one: Vsauce: 0:09

  • ExtincTay

    cant make any games in it literatly that one recreation of doom: *laughs*

  • A Helpless Cat
    A Helpless Cat

    the fire extinguisher clips fuckin killed me XD

  • YOUR NAME Cyclonium
    YOUR NAME Cyclonium

    Make a alex that says bad words after it reads a robot idea comment and make a robot that can say ur sponsors and make a robot that can say "Your ideas suck and there garbage" plz read and do because I know ur probly gonna do it since it makes a robot say It hate the ideas in the comments so yea and I want to see a clab with you and code bullet because one does the code and u make the model of the robot and the electronics oh also that would be cool oh also I would like Jacksepticeye to try out ur inventions since he curses and code bullet and you and Jacksepticeye all curse so yea. And If u don't do it or at least some parts of what I put I will spam u this same message and if u ban me I have 58 all accounts I will create a all account faster than the flash ok good.

  • Christian Flick
    Christian Flick

    I am offended by this video since I have made many simulations on scratch.

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen

    0:55 bro Scratch isn’t doodoo. People have done crazy shit using Scratch

  • Kingram

    When Michael realises someone made a flight simulator that runs at 60 frames per second and generates wire frame meshes

  • SuperAsh410 the Gamer
    SuperAsh410 the Gamer


  • Benedict Sarmiento
    Benedict Sarmiento

    0:44 WATCH IT

  • J F
    J F

    4:06 fuck i burst out laughing so hard Also every other time he did this I just straight up died

  • Zlatý

    "and they always say REEEEEEEEEEEE"

  • V Sharma
    V Sharma

    Michael is so polite in this video

  • Dangaronpa Funny animations
    Dangaronpa Funny animations

    Can we appreciate how long the video is

  • Hotdog Sama
    Hotdog Sama

    So what js lib are u using for the server?

  • Maximum Aviation
    Maximum Aviation

    william apparently hates u bounding around ur room

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt

    well you two are 12 years old why giggle like a silly girl


    Michael can you give pls drone with camera

  • James Housley
    James Housley

    I used scratch in 6th grade for robotics it was shit but I could clear my board

  • Balázs Vörös
    Balázs Vörös

    the other left and right

  • Luca Capuozzo
    Luca Capuozzo

    When I see him talking I feel like an old 8086 watching an 1-year old M1

  • Derek Yang
    Derek Yang

    B-but you said all languages were equal, why did you call scratch doo doo?

  • The Robison
    The Robison

    Micheal do you have to learn js to communicate with drones and other machines or can you use java

  • dtiydr

    A racing drone with camera for 180 bucks, yea those was the days.

  • pelaajahacks

    python is the easiest

  • Rick Bekkers
    Rick Bekkers

    ''there are no bad programming languages, so just pick one and start learning'' Soo we are gonna use a doodoo programming language called scrach love ur vids tho xd

  • A Man
    A Man

    I clicked on this video and one of the recommended videos is about mark rober's autistic son

  • Rylan HEADRICK
    Rylan HEADRICK

    Is it weird that I lost braicel wsching thos

  • Yuweoplays

    Btw scratch was codes with python in like 2015 or some shit and the person that made it is older than you

    • Fabler21

      Yeah dude no shit but that doesn't mean that it's a serious programming language it's just an oversimplified language for kids..

  • Korkorali Asher
    Korkorali Asher

    It’s odd how patient he can sound while sounding so fed up with everybody’s bullshit at the same time

  • nordrax102

    what code lines did u use into that scratch game??

  • papartis

    I can get the all the game

  • Themeslaughter

    Hes the real hacker

Painting on CLAY
3,2 m.
Painting on CLAY
3,2 m.