If You Can't Find Waldo You Get Tazed
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that's it, that's the whole video

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thanks for getting tazed in my video:

and helping me film: @brodinplett

Instagram: michaelreeves808


  • Kim Kale
    Kim Kale


  • DuckyPolice

    looks like you have correct tags and you arent a fucking fraud! these are the tags! eye tracker tazer wheres waldo offlinetv funny parody satire ai raspberry pi arduino electronics software progammer code nodejs python computer vision machine learning

  • S Avgoulis
    S Avgoulis

    is he adoptid???

  • Veshnego

    “I just wanted to electrocute people" best ever quote.

  • Joe Schlong
    Joe Schlong

    Micheal looks like a high schooler

  • istoleyourlawnmower

    build a machine that draws images/faces with an etch-a-sketch

  • Mr maniac O118
    Mr maniac O118

    Imagine a where’s waldos pro

  • ilove pinklemonade
    ilove pinklemonade

    If michael dressed up as wheres waldo it would be a spitting imagine

  • Pn3umon

    When you realize that chair is 450 dollars and he's just turned it into a death chair


    This video was shadow banned I never saw it till now

  • xd flash
    xd flash

    I love how the plot of most of his videos is electrocuting his friends

  • ThatOneVRGuy

    There is a fine line between genius and psychopathy; Michael has snorted that line.

  • Johnny’s Bricks
    Johnny’s Bricks


  • Gonza Aguayo
    Gonza Aguayo

    Watch videos from Lucas Build The Future! He is insanely creative and smart like Michael Reeves. You who appreciate this video, would love Lucas videos. (Btw, No idea who Lucas is. I know he deserves more views than what he has at the moment)

  • Riley Winchester
    Riley Winchester

    Imagine that robot trying to find Waldo on that one page that has a lot of waldos that are imposters

  • Maria Dávila
    Maria Dávila

    This man creates torture devices

  • solace

    pov: humans are better than robots so i make a robot to punish human when theyre not better than robots

  • Ludiotic

    1:50 That "old white guy" is the serial killer Harold Shipman. He was a doctor that murdered 15 of his patients... ...I think Michael knew this.

  • Kid wit a Beanie
    Kid wit a Beanie

    You should make a turret (preferably a flamethrower turret)

  • Unfound Waldo
    Unfound Waldo


  • Unfound Waldo
    Unfound Waldo


  • Beikal

    Wait that Streamer....wasnt that rewinside?

  • Courtney Montgomery
    Courtney Montgomery

    He used positive punishment sooo

  • Magda lena
    Magda lena

    Omg there just rewi and papalate in a fricking Michel reeves vid wtf

  • ConnorConnor

    So just a few minutes at the JRC?

  • Eduzitos Gemaplys
    Eduzitos Gemaplys

    “I just wanted to electrocute people” -michael reeves

  • M C
    M C

    Yvonne’s delayed scream after she got tased😂

  • its_Dylan_btw

    He should programme into the software a command that makes metal wrist bands close on the person's arms (locking them in place to get tased) when the timer gets to 10 seconds and the bad music starts. This could insite panic into the subject making them more devoted to finding Waldo and therefore making them quicker.

  • Petitmac789

    I love Michael’s videos as not only does he actually create the creative inventions to raze people but he also thinks of a cover up story to for the invention while adding funny things during the video

  • MaxeM exe
    MaxeM exe

    Why is there papaplatte and rewinside

  • Luke Garcia
    Luke Garcia

    you should make a assassins creed blade but replace the blade with a tazer

  • stop clips
    stop clips


  • Mason Frye
    Mason Frye

    I love how he draws a cat and a dick on the whiteboard

  • Emilio Böse
    Emilio Böse

    Oha papaplatte und rewi😂

  • Thatoneguy

    I swear he is slowly turning into saw

  • kevin duck
    kevin duck

    the police wants this

  • XxVIBExX

    Make shoes that taze u every time u walk

  • Ole Reusch
    Ole Reusch

    Pov: du suchst deutsche die Rewi und papaplatte gefunden habe

  • Li Bros
    Li Bros

    Why does Michael’s voice remind me of baldi...

  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming

    you know what i'd fuckin love? if micheal did a video with Alex Clark

  • Hunterdude 9368
    Hunterdude 9368

    Make a robot that has a badly drawn picture of you on the front and when you look at it it says “I a man the man”

  • G's garage
    G's garage

    Michael's a fukk Boi

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • Zud The Chud
    Zud The Chud

    make a tazing robot

  • gamenight 8003
    gamenight 8003

    Bro can we play some of that Minecraft together


    Witch is it Waldo vs man or machine vs man cause I think overall Waldo won

  • Argonaut


  • Proper Mayhem
    Proper Mayhem

    696k likes... nice

  • Christopher Rios
    Christopher Rios

    tazer mearch

  • Christopher Rios
    Christopher Rios

    someone make a custom tazer for michael

  • Eduardo Soares
    Eduardo Soares

    Michael calling her honey is the most wholesome shit I’ve seen today

  • Jeffzilla 07 Animations
    Jeffzilla 07 Animations

    When you step on a lego brick 2:58

  • Skel Neldory
    Skel Neldory

    Wow, streamers are fucking irritating.

  • Eeed Tor
    Eeed Tor

    Less Asian pls

  • Martha Emery
    Martha Emery

    Make a taser that says f u when it tases some one

  • Tijn de Lange
    Tijn de Lange

    Beep you the netherlands is the best

  • ian mclellan
    ian mclellan

    So, this is what Harry Potter's been doing since leaving Hogwarts.

  • ian mclellan
    ian mclellan

    That burp at the beginning great

  • kcuFThisChannel

    If You Can’t Find Waldo A Bomb In A Children’s Hospital Goes Off

  • Savos Arven
    Savos Arven

    1:50 why so racist ?

  • Owen Griffith
    Owen Griffith

    You make a light when you stand under trends on but only when you stand under it

  • Ke Ok
    Ke Ok

    "Putting AI in things they dont need to be in" Teaching a robot dog to piss in a cup also the entire rest of his channel

  • Bennett Baltazar
    Bennett Baltazar

    Robot dat censors robot ideas

  • 8g00gl


  • Crypto Nights
    Crypto Nights

    Dexter? is that your sister Didi??

  • Dschin Chase
    Dschin Chase


  • bunny girl senpai domination, cry about it
    bunny girl senpai domination, cry about it

    i love when michael creates things-

  • DBXMike Gaming
    DBXMike Gaming

    that "ahahaha" is soo funny at 2:20

  • VOO ZI YU Moe
    VOO ZI YU Moe

    Yea.... I don't like seeing someone say bad words to robot.

  • Gable Rogers
    Gable Rogers

    Intense music starts and draws dick. Sucks finger 😑 love this guy's videos!!

  • PandaPlayz1197


  • Inferno

    You should have placed straps to keep their arms on the the pads

  • commenting Chanel
    commenting Chanel

    How the hell did over 3000 people dislike this

  • ophelius Dare
    ophelius Dare

    3:08 wait i know these streamers, the are german..

    • Stein

      yea was surprised too. somehow rewi got in xDD

  • Ender Butter
    Ender Butter

    getting almost a million likes on a video is pretty impressive

  • Anth Moffa
    Anth Moffa

    Where's my last meal?

  • CC_Caleb14 Gaming
    CC_Caleb14 Gaming

    2:57 Just Beautiful🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Its a human company remake, from criminals to children

  • Anson Tsui
    Anson Tsui

    Imagine seeing this chair in a Saw movie

  • The new version The new version
    The new version The new version

    2:57 TAKE THAT that’s actually pretty funny 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Captain Unlimited
    Captain Unlimited

    Your channel is literally a saw movie

  • André Flores Castruita
    André Flores Castruita

    That opening burp was hard

  • C

    No one tell him that Pavlov didn't do operant conditioning and that giving a participant pain is positive punishment, not negative reinforcement.

  • Preston Knight
    Preston Knight

    Idea: An electric chair that electrified other chairs.

  • Timothy Durham
    Timothy Durham

    fucking hannible lecter

  • DOGE Doge
    DOGE Doge

    Technically this is both positive and negative reinforcement because when they do good they don’t get tased which is positive while when they do bad they get tased

  • TS Frostly
    TS Frostly

    bro i found them all so easily lol

  • 62cripple

    How bad do the birds shit on your porch fella.....that's some impressive hand rail protection....old school such that it is....you need to make a robot...😳✊👌



  • Jason

    You can be a cop one day for all the times you took a taser for us

  • Franz Pattison
    Franz Pattison

    You are incorrect in your definition of negative reinforcement. It refers to the removal of a stimulus to increase a behaviour

  • Kuldude 420
    Kuldude 420

    Someone : literally dose nothing Michael Reeves : *get tazed bitch*