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I Built The Stupidest Gun In The World

  • sonic slapmen
    sonic slapmen

    I want this

  • Faron the fox
    Faron the fox

    Wheres your crak pip

    • Faron the fox
      Faron the fox

      This would only be made bye someone on crak

  • Crusted Games
    Crusted Games

    This is wrong on many levels 😂

  • WilliamOrSomething

    “I built a gun, with three pieces of pipes and a coil, made it on the table in the shaft, gave it my old glasses for a scope, for a scope.” If anyone understands the reference to this song but without a gun, you are a legend

  • Fireboss.

    “The video is only good if it’s age restricted”-Michel reeves videos

  • mark storr
    mark storr

    Say hello to my little frand

  • Laarye

    I like the part where he moves location with the excuse of not wanting to explain to kids, instead of being there when one of them slides over a broken piece of porcelain...

  • Chuck E Cheese Uknown
    Chuck E Cheese Uknown

    This is amazing

  • possumperson

    see i cant tell if this guy is an idiot or a genius and that is not necessarily a bad thing

  • SirLok1

    You should make a hammer that tases people, like Thor’s hammer

  • Scoot Weekly
    Scoot Weekly

    Wow a hairdryer that shoots clocks lol

  • Cussin' Collin
    Cussin' Collin

    Upgrade the design by making it YTBDSFS(ISnets-Buddy-Discarding-Sabot-Fin-Stablized) and give it higher pressure.

  • Hhh Pestock
    Hhh Pestock

    Did the sponsor actually see this video?

  • Kuba Wlos
    Kuba Wlos

    Now I need to verify my age to watch this, what the f*ck have you done.

  • Hudson Swain
    Hudson Swain

    It’s a wellrod mk2 that shoots... ehh... ‘ISnets buddies’

  • ricky reteard
    ricky reteard

    that shit is way more than 30 mil

  • DL12

    "sorry, this content is age-restricted"

  • Scorpion 37
    Scorpion 37

    "age restricted" i love it

  • ;-;

    Me: *gets an add*

  • Jeffrey Saville
    Jeffrey Saville

    what is ding ding

  • GD Lividgryphon417
    GD Lividgryphon417

    This video has ads...

  • Urijah Haycock
    Urijah Haycock

    Geez ur yogurt is not yummy at all

  • kaden stetler
    kaden stetler

    what did i stumble into

  • meme can
    meme can

    No micheal you caught acne

  • Émile Larivière
    Émile Larivière

    Its demonitised?!?!

  • Unsigned_battle

    Did you know that michal reeves is an alien Yeah he has two shadows

  • Oschi Zockt
    Oschi Zockt

    Michael: bad saugthering Me in first grade: HoT gLUe

  • ThatFactoryGuy

    And now we have to prove we are old enough to watch the video

  • Bear Hogg
    Bear Hogg

    "William ozzy Osbourne"

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    whats good man, straight to the point here man, you are the straw on the camels back that are the things helping in my life. It's good to see there's actually someone out there thats just like me..... just standing here menacingly lool

  • Travis Collins
    Travis Collins

    sponsor ship ffuck you

  • Travis Collins
    Travis Collins

    you remind me of the start of jackass 2

  • Michael Hayes
    Michael Hayes

    At 5:16 I got an ad about lawyers

  • I11umina

    age restricted :(

  • Hyperdude125

    Why does the ISnets buddy gun look like a welrod pistol?

  • Exterially

    When the video is Age-restricted :|

  • Vincen't

    Michael:whats the worse that could happen? My screen: ad pop up

  • karkatshipper

    I LOVE how youtube said this would be inappropriate for some users 😂

  • Christian Cortez
    Christian Cortez

    he looks like a new insurance agent

  • Sarah Manson
    Sarah Manson

    Can I buy it

  • suobs

    this is a welrod from ww2 that shoots glizzys

  • Itsnotnathan

    Yt just demonetized this but thinks its a good idea to recommend this... yeah it is

  • 哥高智商

    fuck I think I caught malaria

  • Bray St-Denis
    Bray St-Denis

    The airport security calls a bomb squad to unload what they think is a homemade Grenade launcher just for a plastic duck to fall out

  • pikachan

    me who dosent have a credit card: .. me who is 16 so i dont have id yet: FUCK

  • Maarten Prys
    Maarten Prys

    I had to click continue 3 times just so that ISnets realised that I don't care that its age restricted and I still want to watch

  • Scythe

    My man just built a E-11 D

  • James.

    Change fucking scares me -michael

  • Joshua Faith
    Joshua Faith

    whats the intro song

  • Alpha Oxide
    Alpha Oxide

    This is the Welrod Mk. 2 with a ISnets Buddy instead

  • alex, maybe.
    alex, maybe.

    Make it fully automatic and take it to a Nerf war.

  • Death corps Of krieg
    Death corps Of krieg

    I hope a kid steps on the glass

  • Katinka Princess
    Katinka Princess

    not viewable anymore...have to legitimate that I'm 18+...this sucks.....sad.....

  • Seth Foster
    Seth Foster

    hes literally chaotic evil mark rober lmaoo

  • Rohnan Bentley
    Rohnan Bentley

    I got a fucking ad in this video, who would want their ad on a video like this?

    • ADI_IS_NOOB Ok
      ADI_IS_NOOB Ok

      What??? How is that possible??

  • Yoda

    This is.....special

  • Wolfu Games
    Wolfu Games

    🌰 gang

  • Evan Mills
    Evan Mills

    where do i buy a youtube buddy with the eyes

  • singing song's
    singing song's


  • Kerr

    If howtobasic was a tech channel

  • Demonetization Man
    Demonetization Man


  • Timox

    My mom: What do you want for your birthday? Me: Ding ding gun

  • loge99

    hey fuck I love when you explain the 3D stuff and code!! it'S not boring and im not a programmer nor an artist1!! please kee it up

  • ParryHotter

    That is the most cyberpunk 2077 looking thing i have ever seen

  • K Anderssen
    K Anderssen

    Brilliant isn't free

  • Niv Krayner
    Niv Krayner

    You inspire me

  • Jake Cambpell
    Jake Cambpell

    that didn't look like unnamed carbonated soda???

  • Kobi Woods
    Kobi Woods

    4 years later and i got the 20 percent off

  • troll face
    troll face

    There's no reccomended videos below this one. You broke ISnets

  • the big seal
    the big seal

    dingding is ever-present

  • Invis

    *-Notice: Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)-*

  • TheRainbowGod

    6 mil let’s go

  • 尺工KK工

    Why’d I get a warning 💀✋

  • Mr. Mochi
    Mr. Mochi

    This is a Welrod chambered in 30mm and I need 4 of them in my gun locker

  • wyatt

    F you

  • Villain Uraraka
    Villain Uraraka

    if michael commited crime with this gun the article would be called: crazy man going around town shooting adult toys at people with his gun.

  • angry_z_rider

    Anyone get the ISnets warning prompt on this?

  • BM1x

    Normal people: Buys an adapter Michael Reeves: Cuts and then solders and duct tapes a cable carrying hundreds of volts endangering himself and anyone in the area

  • littlejr_yt

    Make a robot that can fly and drive at the same time

  • Neil Herman
    Neil Herman

    Yes 🤣

  • loler OP1
    loler OP1

    where is the video???

  • Eugene Lee
    Eugene Lee

    Guy who built a gun that shoots tampons. *FINALLY A WORTHY OPPONENT*

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady


  • Mux

    This is a Welrod 2.0

  • Brady Allen
    Brady Allen

    Diode anyone notice the knife stabbed into the target box?

  • Johnathan To Err Is Me
    Johnathan To Err Is Me

    I want this gun

  • Kello 2.0
    Kello 2.0

    Looks like a welrod gun for a second there

  • Michael Effingham
    Michael Effingham


  • Jdawgbrony101

    It's not a RPG it's an RPP

  • Cofeus

    It's funny cus he uses his skills to evil

  • Arkhalis


  • furmain

    1:58 ozzy ozborne or however you spell it is good!

  • Cody Whitney
    Cody Whitney

    "Yeah I open carry" "Oh cool! What cartridge does it shoot?" "P E N I S"

  • Joep Veltman
    Joep Veltman

    can you put the youtube buddy on thingiverse

  • Frosty Storm224
    Frosty Storm224

    4:53 *WHEEZE*

  • Aydin Quick
    Aydin Quick

    aye can i rent that for the night? me and the boys gonna get crazy 😈😈😈👹👹👹👺👺☠️👽🤡🤠🥸

  • PanzerForce3 Gaming
    PanzerForce3 Gaming

    My mans basically just upgraded a Welrod pistol with better ammo

  • leecreeper 14
    leecreeper 14


  • A PlayZ
    A PlayZ

    Age restriction wha-


    I am from the future and there is a virus three years from now