Scream Powered Microwave
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Your robot ideas are bad and you should feel bad

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  • Henry is #1
    Henry is #1

    make a robot that does nothing

  • Yeet boi 7710
    Yeet boi 7710

    Michael Reeves: I DONT CARE IF IT WOULD TAKE DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS..! Also Michael: so it took 2 hours.

  • Tom's Channel
    Tom's Channel

    Fuck you target

  • Tom's Channel
    Tom's Channel

    Its fucking SICKKKKKKKK

  • Christian Clements-Rosewell
    Christian Clements-Rosewell

    Is it just me who thinks he should have called it the Micheal-wave

  • A.H.T


  • xxalphasnakexx

    heat seeking tazer

  • Darron Walker
    Darron Walker

    Days weeks or months- it took two hours

  • Asia Inwood
    Asia Inwood

    When he talk about shitty robot idea and found an idea so good that he make an entire video on it

  • Icy Drift
    Icy Drift

    Reekid will say this is a yes lol

  • newyorker122

    I love it that Disguised Toast in the VidCon crowd and in the tazer camera video

  • dezesseis

    imagine a ted talk by Michael Reeves

  • Dallin Porter
    Dallin Porter

    intro music?

  • Cooldudewhynotrelax


  • lgerger regref
    lgerger regref

    tazer camera foreshadowing

  • Bodhi Lee
    Bodhi Lee

    Me at three am aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • tiktoks

    Make. Robot that piss out lemonade

  • Roco Meesly
    Roco Meesly

    Don't ask who's face is my profile picture.

    • Rice

      Whose face is your profile picture

  • Dávid Bárdos
    Dávid Bárdos

    Was that Mark Rober?

  • Incognito Mode
    Incognito Mode

    Build A roomba that explodes and yells when it hits somthing

  • Nabi

    bro I'm surprised from how much effort he put into this

  • William Frenxh
    William Frenxh

    A tazer machine gun so you can taze people faster

  • FBI

    this is very practical for me since my parents are always fighting because their marriage is on the brink of collapse

  • Granola Raspberry
    Granola Raspberry

    A robot idea you should build a robot

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry

    And this is how the taser picture one is born. Except people didn’t beg you to do it

  • EmeraldXL

    A robot that detects stupid robot ideas in the comments of your ISnets section and makes fun of them.

  • FBI


  • Landen Thomas
    Landen Thomas

    Build a robot that fucks people you don’t like

  • Kaleb Morales
    Kaleb Morales


  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun

    Hear me out where did you created something that would inflate when it detected you were about to fall so that you wouldn't hurt yourself

  • noobnotgodatall

    make a robot that rips your money when ever you die in fortnite

  • Lamar Williams
    Lamar Williams

    Yo pls tell me your intro song pls

  • Lamar Williams
    Lamar Williams

    Yo pls tell me your intro song pls

  • HP Raley
    HP Raley

    Hear me out make a robot that tells at you when you get a question qrong

  • I'm Clove
    I'm Clove

    ISnets reccomendation is surely getting better ✨

  • VioletFox #004
    VioletFox #004

    Make a robot that makes you shut up whenever you talk

  • Xpthebeast Gaming
    Xpthebeast Gaming

    make a plasma cannon please

  • DragoNate

    A robot that screams at you every time someone comments a shitty robot idea. Or any robot idea at all.

  • Ismael Segarra
    Ismael Segarra

    make a bootleg spider robot that shits out chicken nuggets instead of webs and it eats cockroaches

  • Kofi Banwell
    Kofi Banwell

    *Monsters Inc music intensifies*

  • Kyren Renfrey
    Kyren Renfrey

    make a robot drone that shoots children on fortnite

  • Gavin Sartwell
    Gavin Sartwell

    A manacin that flips you of when you go near it.

  • Harry vee
    Harry vee



    Make a dildo that launches itself into the air and positions itself to hit someone

  • Nick Harvey
    Nick Harvey

    make robit dat do tingz

  • JMSGridIron56

    You should make a robot that murders the people who post terrible robot ideas in your comment section. (Starting with me.)

  • Dark Ninja!
    Dark Ninja!

    thats kinda hot

  • Meme Maker
    Meme Maker

    a robot that uploads regularly

  • netbot mc
    netbot mc

    make a banana that you cant eat

  • Jenson Rowland
    Jenson Rowland

    make a robot that does your homework or work from home:):):()

  • Jon Nordmyr
    Jon Nordmyr

    MAKE A robot that talks shit about you

  • Kyle Mundy
    Kyle Mundy

    I like the idea

  • Trayden Knight
    Trayden Knight

    Make a desk that flips over when you put your hands on it

  • missingindy

    Michael: your robot ideas are stupid Next video, made by Michael Reeves: A Gas Powered Fishing Rod

  • missingindy


  • salami sandwich
    salami sandwich

    Make a robot out of cardboard ;)

  • T

    Make a fire extinguisher that when it detects fire doesn't spray but when it doesn't detect it sprays

  • bub

    Hear me out: a moving banana

  • Rap of anthem
    Rap of anthem

    And your room mate tased you with your carpet

  • Rap of anthem
    Rap of anthem

    Ok why did you make a dog who pees beer

  • MZsom

    Fuck your sponsors

  • Jordan Spezia
    Jordan Spezia

    U should make something that when uninvited people walk in ur door I immediately tazes them

  • Zikulit 07
    Zikulit 07

    Rage powered microwave.

  • Qiovute

    0:27 HmMmMmmmMmmMmMm

  • steven cooper
    steven cooper

    I HATE TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Riley Hegwood
    Riley Hegwood

    i want william now

  • Nuri efe Güdük
    Nuri efe Güdük

    A momemt of silence for that guy thad had the idea

  • XCP- Shawdow
    XCP- Shawdow

    0:26 This is where it began.

  • The Phoenix
    The Phoenix

    The perfect microwave for DBZ characters

  • XxVIBExX

    Make shoes that taze you every time you walk

  • jo fea
    jo fea

    Make a robot that follows ur dog and throws it either at other dogs or ur neighbors yards

  • Kim Jacobs
    Kim Jacobs

    just get urban vpn free

  • Zeke Hess
    Zeke Hess

    Robot idea. A robot that when you flip a switch it sends an electric current into a small piece of metal in a vacuum seal of glass heating it up and causing quite a bit of light. Name: bright bulb.

  • Terminarch

    Sorry Michael, this was not scream powered. It was scream triggered. If you actually POWERED a microwave with screams I would be fairly impressed, ngl.

  • Archie Peshos
    Archie Peshos

    a phone that follows you where ever you go like a drone

  • Swiggy

    mark rober is just like so blank 5:50

  • Al St. Clair
    Al St. Clair

    Perfect. Now i can still enjoy food while my parents yell at eachother

  • Space light Hri
    Space light Hri

    Build a robot that finds you and fucks you up

  • The2378AlpacaMan

    the part with the kid was cute

  • TigerBoi208

    Make a robot that shines a lazer/light in your eye when you look at it

  • Adriaan Ackerman
    Adriaan Ackerman

    OK you are domm domm

  • xCryonic

    So it's really just scream triggered microwave, instead of scream powered microwave?

  • Jordan Aits
    Jordan Aits


  • Brian Corley
    Brian Corley

    you should build a army of robots made from kids toys that shoot fireworks and squirt gas at each other i expect a self destruction jihad version of one of the cobra commanders

  • Vibe Duck
    Vibe Duck


  • Luka Jovanovic
    Luka Jovanovic

    Im Brain dead. Yahoo.

  • Luka Jovanovic
    Luka Jovanovic

    Make a machine dat Kiels a ISnets Buddy evry 10 Minuten.

  • matic peckaj
    matic peckaj

    Fuck you Michael! You made my friend die of laughter.. burn in hell! Hahaha

  • elliot czesak
    elliot czesak

    all that to tell someone that there idea that twas a joke that its bad

  • Your friendly neighborhood demon R3D
    Your friendly neighborhood demon R3D

    So your saying my food will cook itself when I put it inside?

  • Aetherisme

    The cam thing was great

  • redhex26

    Make a robot that taxes you every time you scream

  • Bradley Turner
    Bradley Turner

    make a poopbot 9000 or a cookie tazes you when you open it

  • Juanjay

    The con event is brilliant

  • RainbowSunshine

    Make a microwave But it's Taser power

  • ĘŁ_GÙĘRØ /1234 maxi69
    ĘŁ_GÙĘRØ /1234 maxi69

    Este es como el wey que es un idiota pero perro en codigo lol 😂

  • isaiah perez
    isaiah perez

    instead of a screaming one why not do one where you have to cuss

  • tactical guy
    tactical guy

    Make a chair that spins when you sit down

  • SirLok1

    Build a robot that shoots, tases and/or knifes people by using that mind control thing that you used for the car

  • Lora Mullins
    Lora Mullins

    Make a fnaf animatronics I dare you lololol