Using Mind Control to Drive a Car
Pretty interesting that you can use a $30 toy to read brain wave values. Even more interesting is that we were able to rig mind control to a car. And most interesting is that no one called the police on us while we made this video.

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jou beats. - brasil.

  • Re Shuffle
    Re Shuffle

    michael: so heres the headset, dont laugh... me: that headset looks badass

  • A Person
    A Person

    Elon musk 2.0

  • alecboi777

    imagine having alzheimer’s and forgetting that an engine exists then the car stops

  • Patrick

    11:30 He made a car that accelerates when you panic...

  • A D
    A D

    1:38 you mixed them up

  • Scientist Emily
    Scientist Emily

    Lol now it’s 2021

  • Zach Far
    Zach Far

    I’m late but now that’s you’ve done this to a car. Do a plane 🥰

  • Joao Opi
    Joao Opi

    in the begining of the video, before he even starts speaking or the first note of the song there's a voice saying "ja viu um rico namorar pobre?" It's portuguese and means "have you ever seen a rich person dating a poor one?" wtf hahahahahah (yeah, my first language is portuguese)

    • Aadi .p
      Aadi .p

      That's from a really famous song named Brasil.. I'm sure he doesn't knw what that means but that's really cool

  • Deion Jibi
    Deion Jibi

    0:01 2021: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • Quentin Ford
    Quentin Ford

    Alternative title: turning a Honda civic into a Ford FOCUS

  • Marvin Huls
    Marvin Huls

    It's 2021

  • Book of Mary
    Book of Mary

    I’m responsible for at least 12-15 likes due to all the accounts that have been banned by ISnets.

  • h7opolo

    so cool how you can give control to anyone in the car, regardless of their seating position.

  • Mine Ore baker
    Mine Ore baker

    Can we do mind control typing with this machine 😲😲 if we can do that,that will be stupidest idea what you think bro 😉😉

  • missingindy

    The fact he used a shitty kids Star Wars toy to make a car controlled with your mind reminds me of how a plan for a motion control controller was planned as a controller for plane flight… but then it got licensed by Nintendo for their wii controller

  • mosskit \ bluestar
    mosskit \ bluestar


  • NightIsRight

    But can handle some one with ADHD

  • ItzFluent

    2021 be like : No, were in the future.

  • Theteu

    nunca vi rico namorar pobre

  • Matheus Cardoso
    Matheus Cardoso

    "Viu o rico namorar o pobre ?"

  • Antonio Gonzalez
    Antonio Gonzalez

    *michael is about to run over a family* *michael focuses on not doing it* the car:you want faster sure

  • Lincon Yannantuono
    Lincon Yannantuono

    My name is Lincoln

  • Lincon Yannantuono
    Lincon Yannantuono

    Fuck you dumbass

  • Trey Houseknecht
    Trey Houseknecht

    finally I know how to write c sharp so now I'm gonna create stupid shit just like Michael reeves

  • Zeke Hess
    Zeke Hess

    Only a psychopath could use this properly because you'd have to be a psycho to calm down in a speeding car

  • jeremy wisbauer
    jeremy wisbauer

    i dont wann die!

  • Sleepy_cat

    i just figured out that when someone is about to go into a car crash, aren't they more focused to get out of it. soooo, when someone is about to get into a car crash the car will just accelerate into the other car.

  • Gabriel Mariano Santos
    Gabriel Mariano Santos

    WTF, was it a brazilian portuguese phrase in the beggining, "Have you seen rich dating poor...", cheers from Brazil, we love u, at least I do. XOXOXOXO

  • Alejandro González
    Alejandro González

    Panicked person: BREAK PLEASE, BREAK, BREAK x17 Car: running in the 90's~


    Is this legal

  • Sundar Pranesh
    Sundar Pranesh

    I think this would be counterintutive because you tend to focus more when the car accelerates suddenly , and it would keep on accelerating

  • Peajo

    "I am Michael, Obey Me."

  • Super Lightining
    Super Lightining


  • NoSoNico

    This is how Batman learned how to calm himself down in situations where there’s a gun to his head

  • Clever-Title-Pun

    I just wanna know if your dad put the luffy sticker on himself

  • Kipton Ayers
    Kipton Ayers

    the real reason he made this was because he can't reach the petals

  • [MC] Scratch
    [MC] Scratch


  • bunny girl senpai domination, cry about it
    bunny girl senpai domination, cry about it

    this is so fucking cool-

  • OPWarrior XP
    OPWarrior XP

    Sorry it’s not 2018 and 2021 Get it right Michael

  • carlos carlos
    carlos carlos


  • Hugo Martinez
    Hugo Martinez

    Cool now we can make a depression Powered car

  • Yuri Henriqson Accordi
    Yuri Henriqson Accordi

    ja viu rico namorar pobre?

  • Danton Wittkowski
    Danton Wittkowski

    0:00 the phase is: Viu rico namorar pobre? its a portuguese phase that says: have you ever saw rich date poor? i know that because im from Brazil🗺

  • Unknown

    This is cool

  • Satvik Keshtwal
    Satvik Keshtwal

    Everybody is a gangster untill the kill button starts killing the user

  • Mokongthe3

    In Alternate universe: Crazy Hawaiian Guy sunk straight into the ocean

  • Katie Oof7800
    Katie Oof7800

    The fact that who looks a little like tom holland AND acts like tony stark SCARES ME

  • King RexGaming
    King RexGaming

    I love seeing code

  • KikodeKliko

    "let's watch the focus values drop first" and then focuses on the focus values.

  • Tablekiller

    You are a dumb asshole, but somehow its entertaining

  • v4vishy

    theres a fine line between genius and crazy michael has snorted that line

  • Ansu Antony
    Ansu Antony


  • Coehn Boyer
    Coehn Boyer

    Ok but can you tase people with your mind? Like if you put the taser vests on people from the taser tag video and hooked it up to your mind...

  • asdfjae

    Michael is so psychotic-ly genius he genuinely has the potential to make something that could completely change the world 🥴

  • Piratescode Productions
    Piratescode Productions

    Ya know, I love the code. Would you ever be willing to put some of these projects on Github?

  • Viggo Jørgensen
    Viggo Jørgensen

    Tesla ain’t got shit on Michael

  • Samtheballoon15

    Tony Stark on crack makes another new invention!

  • snow princess
    snow princess

    do people seriously not like having had the code on the screen at one point? what if i wanted to fucking be michael and make this myself LIKEYES HELLO I WANT CODE

  • Maximus Wild
    Maximus Wild

    i love that on the car it says "we have a D.A.R.E graduete on bord"

  • Edward Severinsen
    Edward Severinsen

    Old woman crossing a street. Michael focuses on not hitting her. Flattens her doing 120.

  • Olivier Sitter
    Olivier Sitter

    how did I just get a car commercial just when you showed your dad's crappy car please don't mind control my ads??

  • ice cold
    ice cold

    May I pls do this in my own house hold then take it to school and pretent I'm 11 from Stanger things and scare the shit out of my class mates pls

  • whoziee

    haha this is hilarious!

  • Marotti


    • LuysTV

      Mas foi isso mesmo, é uma musica brasileira que ele colocou

  • Doug Walker
    Doug Walker

    Nothing I like better than Luffy and D.A.R.E in the same area

  • BRUhHhHhhHhHhhH Bruh
    BRUhHhHhhHhHhhH Bruh

    Lets go


    *panic to go faster*

  • Steven Pacey
    Steven Pacey

    Uninstall fortnite!

  • Holy Man
    Holy Man

    This man is the type of man to get a new haircut and thinking it means getting new hair

  • Drake Jasinski
    Drake Jasinski

    Id like to see detailed videos on code

  • Another_ Internet_Crusader
    Another_ Internet_Crusader

    is there any way I can buy this off you??

  • J9ez

    Jermey do be looking like gigguk tho

  • Dalton Cox
    Dalton Cox

    I love your sense of humor

  • Soni Singh
    Soni Singh

    I don’t know why but I fucking hate people who put exclamation marks at the end of a sentence

    • Tutiexplosivo

      Wow! Why?!

  • Time

    Oh my gawd mykull just upload already you stupid idiot

  • Algrehk Selvarh
    Algrehk Selvarh

    Can you use mind control to control some kitchen appliance of your choosing? Like a stove or microwave or blender lol or even to push in and pull out your chair. Lol also want to add if this makes you angry then don’t do it. Lol if you cuss me out but are actually having fun then go for it lol I find that funny. But if you don’t have fun for this don’t do it.

  • jogokai

    I like that for 1 sec you can hear the guys speaking in Portuguese

  • Scott Wachter
    Scott Wachter

    pause it on 0:43

  • Judz

    You're a real Filipino if u drive your car wearing only a pair of flipflops.

  • LoG’s Maggot
    LoG’s Maggot

    Friendly reminder that the dare organisation did more harm than good on drugs and straight up ruined people’s lives with their fucked up conservative agenda Sorry, I saw that sticker, couldn’t help myself

  • J K
    J K

    Imagine driving this car while jerking

  • daniel possible
    daniel possible

    No wonder I like you ... you look spider man with the EDITH glasses.

  • PN4021 Secondaire
    PN4021 Secondaire

    Michael Reeves. He always adds in the code part to piss off those who don

    • PN4021 Secondaire
      PN4021 Secondaire

      @alceray He already said he would but he didn't.

    • alceray

      I get a bit annoyed when he skips past the code so quickly. Michael has to make another channel for explaining all the coding in these videos.

  • DrDepper LP
    DrDepper LP

    Can someone please tell me where to obtain the poster of the penis in the background

  • NoahTheBoahIsLit


  • Ivan

    "It's 2018!" it is not

    • Ivan

      @Slingodeggo It was a joke referring to the current events and the fact that 2018 was much different from now. I'm not disabled.

    • Slingodeggo

      This was recorded in 2018.. pay attention the dates

  • Puff Lol
    Puff Lol

    My dude got the Shinji headset to control the Eva

  • magnus dixon
    magnus dixon

    stop the nerdy code shit you dipshit

  • Diego Pérez
    Diego Pérez

    what if it tases you if you are not concentrated?

  • A guy doing things
    A guy doing things

    420k like, something i may or may not do

  • Diamond Red Fox
    Diamond Red Fox

    Michael: *hella pumped** ITS 2018 WE'RE IN THE FUTURE! my dumbass, barely awake in early 2021: Damn right is the futu... what are we talking about?

  • BOTNightWOLF

    I wonder what this would look like on an ADHD kid

  • Samuel Chang
    Samuel Chang

    this honestly might be a way for people without legs to drive easier if it was more refined

  • Uriah Dacosta
    Uriah Dacosta

    May the force be with you ~me

  • Heyna Maria Dias Seabra
    Heyna Maria Dias Seabra

    kk e esse ja viu rico namora pobre no começo

  • Diego Carvalho
    Diego Carvalho

    "Viu rico namorar pobre ?" Brazilian Portuguese marking their presence in this wonderful video.

  • Leigh Ellen Barnett
    Leigh Ellen Barnett


  • Natalie Barnes
    Natalie Barnes

    Is there anything that isn’t awesome about this

  • Brüh

    This thing sounds like a bomb

  • The Poolminator
    The Poolminator

    So this is what they mean when the song said: Jesus take the wheel