Million Subscriber Celebration Robot
Glorious Ding-Ding Poster: godfuckingdamnitiguessitsforsa...

This was a great excuse to build the 100% most annoying robot so far

Instagram: mike_reeds808

engelwood - crystal dolphin

  • Shen


  • Triple

    ironman with brain damage

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry

    Shoulda also made part of this a robot to throw a cake in someone of your choosing face

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye

    the first youtooz was born here

  • Dylan Avila
    Dylan Avila

    are you depressed about it or happy?

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady

    Death robot

  • Asver


  • Kristians Kravalis
    Kristians Kravalis

    POV: your watching right now and you see 6,2 mil sub

  • מוטי שיוביץ
    מוטי שיוביץ

    The poster URL is genius

  • Dalan Jones
    Dalan Jones

    Think I can still get the poster?

  • Paul Becht
    Paul Becht

    When I saw the Thumbnail I was like: "Oh! it's a Robot that celebrates Chaos!"

  • Gedext Gaming
    Gedext Gaming

    how about we make headphones with actual air raid sirens that start kill yu ears when u put em on 😎

  • Amber Lieghio
    Amber Lieghio

    Got 5 mil in like 3 years gj

  • corbin Coovert
    corbin Coovert

    I give a shit

  • Ruth Just dancer
    Ruth Just dancer

    How come 6 mil subs and only 3.8 views. I'm at least 100 of the views

  • Theodore Phillip
    Theodore Phillip

    Ah, yes. Algorithm strikes again 2 years and 2 million subscribers later

  • YaBoiFinn

    Everyone when they hit one million: “oh my gosh thank you so much (and they are like crying) Michael when he hits a million: “no one cares at all”

  • Dustin

    This guy is clearly a mad scientist.

  • Daniel Hahn Conradsen
    Daniel Hahn Conradsen

    Thats one way to celebrate i guess. Ruining your friends ears and your own sleep schedule. 100% recommend


    Today, April 20, 2021. 6.05 million subscribers. This video has 3,799,258 views! 6,127 comments! Love your videos Michael!

  • Larry Y
    Larry Y

    Almost 1 million subs, huh? You'll get there some day.

  • Boondoe C
    Boondoe C

    Mark rober makes me want to be an engineer while this guy makes me want to burn the world to the fucking ground with tazers

  • LucLinc2

    how is it that i havent watched this before

  • Arvid Steene (elev)
    Arvid Steene (elev)


  • mika r
    mika r


  • HughesGaming

    Hard to believe our favorite crackhead dipshit made it to 1 mil 2 years ago... WOW time flies

  • Minedsquirrel70

    At 6 Million subs...

  • Bobinoz 2
    Bobinoz 2

    2 and a half years later and your subscribers have increased by 6x

  • SeoHyun (Shannon) Kim
    SeoHyun (Shannon) Kim

    ok so no one talking about his background?

  • Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft and more!
    Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft and more!


  • Sr. Palaro
    Sr. Palaro

    At this point, this happened six times?

  • danky

    the guy that is the millionth subscriber should've spammed the subscribe button.

  • Elias


  • Roadsta

    who is here at 6 mil

  • Tea&Sadness

    Fuck you get more subs you deserve it.

  • Riley WILSON
    Riley WILSON

    Then: I’m F****ng going to make a robot that blows cut up newspaper in my face Now: huh I’m going to make a high tech robot dog pee bear in a cup so I dont have to.

  • z Kuaxl
    z Kuaxl

    He hit 6 mil!!!

  • wildfoxofficial

    pov:your watching in 2021

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    Michael Reeves is what you would get if Bruce Wayne and Joker were the same character

  • Langit

    almost 6 mil

  • Adam

    That was epic. You are type of a cool nerd guy which might seem to be an oxymoron

  • NekoEchoFlower

    I wonder if the Raspberry pie tastes good

  • MK Design
    MK Design

    I wonder why the House-lord throwed them Out 🤔

  • Kightmare1


  • xpro479

    This ma gained almost 4 million more subs in 2 years since this video.

  • Juan Uribe
    Juan Uribe

    Been here since a bit over 1M

  • memo the protogen
    memo the protogen

    Can you make no robot thanks

  • Guybot1001

    "Will, why do you have a fire extinguisher?" "Because I can't see the future, but I'm gonna try my best to predict it."

  • cody

    You want to know why people subscribe to your Channel because you make the stupid robots and somehow they actually work because as you said over 50000 times that you never went to school

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S R B Sweet

  • Ski VR
    Ski VR

    Me the whole video: do do do do doo do, do doo do doooo


    About to pass 6 MILLION!!!

  • April Monkman
    April Monkman

    When you hit 1M subs? At the time I typed this you got 5.something M!!!!!

  • I Love Cake
    I Love Cake


  • I Love Cake
    I Love Cake

    Lol 2019 nerds ha

  • baba boy
    baba boy

    He's at 5.1 million

    • Lucas_Fofo

      @Draeconus 5.98m now

    • Draeconus

      you mean 5.93mil edit: doubt he gained .83mil in less than 21hrs

  • Pig Step
    Pig Step

    This channel is more like comedy Lol 😂

  • memo the protogen
    memo the protogen

    Your house is a drone purgatory

  • IIIAnchani

    y tho

  • vlogger clickbait
    vlogger clickbait

    Michael doesn't realize when he's shown it on the screen you can easily just pause the screen then take a screenshot cut it out and then print it out on a printer and then boom you got yourself the poster

    • Ezekiel Martin
      Ezekiel Martin

      Yeah, but it'd be super low-res and artifacty

  • Yt Miniature 78
    Yt Miniature 78


  • Carl Holcomb
    Carl Holcomb

    Me: *subbing before this came out* Also me after it came out: " Dont mean to toot my own horn, but I think that was me."

  • Eddiemcshrimple

    Is that the real cameraman

  • Tactical_Nuke05VODS

    Looks like a fancy pipe bomb

  • Caze Elite
    Caze Elite

    3:47 And he said we would never get it not even in our wildest dreams

  • ozzy firlinkns
    ozzy firlinkns


  • Golden Gears
    Golden Gears

    I love how excited will is.

  • Aseem Udgirkar
    Aseem Udgirkar

    I feel so bad for his neighbors

  • Vin Diesel Gas Truck
    Vin Diesel Gas Truck

    did anyone else read is lock screen wall paper in the beginning

  • AshAttackers

    999 dislikes nobody dislike or i will dislike ur existance till you no longer exist

  • Bailey's Transformation Into a Bird Dog
    Bailey's Transformation Into a Bird Dog

    I just took a screenshot of the poster and printed it

  • Dr. Mystery
    Dr. Mystery

    The fact that he figured out at the last second

  • MartinoSabo

    580% increase over the last 2 years.

  • Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter

    And now we wait for the 10 mill... and now we wait...

  • zany music nl
    zany music nl

    But michael i hear you ask

  • Derpy Gamer
    Derpy Gamer

    Bruh the first link in the description is awesome

  • SpaceZ PlayZ
    SpaceZ PlayZ

    All this and camera man john in the background just oblivious to it and just editing

  • B B
    B B

    Dont click the link it leads to a virus now

  • XxSniperEite20 Civ-99
    XxSniperEite20 Civ-99

    5.78 million subscribers and honestly you might not post alot but that's a good thing just makes us subscribers really appreciate every shitty video you make

  • ikaiko

    Triple barrel confetti cannon...sounds dangerous

  • Alexander Alexander
    Alexander Alexander

    The wasteful grade dolly retire because octagon gergely drown on a boiling gram. blushing, juvenile wall

  • LeagueO_blade


  • Giovanni Rizo
    Giovanni Rizo

    John’s full of you’re all’s shit

  • Villager outside In a bed
    Villager outside In a bed

    He gained 4 mil in 2 years

  • I am a sell out
    I am a sell out

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 5,5 mil

  • David Wise
    David Wise


  • Oar

    So no one gonna talk about his phone background?

  • Patience and Time
    Patience and Time

    We wonder why he got kicked out

  • MPPL

    He could've build a big tesla coil that electrocutes everyone in the given room

  • LlamaMaster 23
    LlamaMaster 23

    "Wait that looks like social blade" famous last words

  • ThatsClassified

    You see that link in the disc, Michael is gay

  • First Name Last name
    First Name Last name

    Id like to be his roomate

  • Kaneko69 • 69 years ago
    Kaneko69 • 69 years ago

    Day 14 of calling Micheal Reeves a Crackhead.

  • Kaneko69 • 69 years ago
    Kaneko69 • 69 years ago

    Day 13 of calling Micheal Reeves a Crackhead.

  • Kaneko69 • 69 years ago
    Kaneko69 • 69 years ago

    Day 12 of calling Micheal Reeves a Crackhead.

  • CrocusMax

    -1993, 93, 850

  • Neon Eviscerator
    Neon Eviscerator

    1:11 When he casually mentions the air raid siren just kills me every time

  • Samiesamsam Samiesamsam
    Samiesamsam Samiesamsam

    Make a chair that swears every time you sit on it or Amazon Alexa that has feelings

  • Sappy Dog
    Sappy Dog

    Do a Minecraft scoreboard command block vidoe

  • Samuel Albanez
    Samuel Albanez

    I love this channel