Dangerously Powerful Confetti Cannons
I can't wait to make something stupid out of this

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Song: jump man 93 - bruh

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    i am now educated on the differences between porcelain and glass, thank you 700 comments

    • SleepingTurtle

      @The idiot said: lol

    • Adrian Corella
      Adrian Corella

      the legend says the police is still looking for him

    • Dhawkeye

      Porcelein isn’t glass dumbass :)

    • Smartie TV
      Smartie TV


    • The Random Dickhead
      The Random Dickhead


  • Carson Elias
    Carson Elias


  • shadow gaming
    shadow gaming

    Hey Michael you should take your taser and strap tens units to it to make people fall over when they get hit as well as getting tazed

    • shadow gaming
      shadow gaming

      Tazer tag plus tens unit making people fall over when they get hit

  • Prince Aurelius III
    Prince Aurelius III

    Police Chief seeing this video: 👮📂📁🔒 Case Closed

  • FlyingElements _
    FlyingElements _

    pov: you know the park he is at

  • le krump
    le krump

    he only cursed *3* times in this video. amazing.

  • Jorge ff
    Jorge ff

    2021 here

  • Dane Rhodes
    Dane Rhodes

    was this filmed right outside UH Manoa? it looks like the dorms in the background

  • Of The i Am
    Of The i Am

    Now what have we learned today micheal?... _Never Go to OUTSIDE WORLD_

    • Maha Elluri
      Maha Elluri


  • PNTM Mun
    PNTM Mun


  • Sneez Space noodle
    Sneez Space noodle

    2017 Michael: "I'm not gonna shoot a ISnets Buddy in a public space." 2021 Michael: "I'm gonna drive all the way to Boston just to have my modified robot dog piss on the company that wronged me."

    • َ



    Michael is basically peter parker. cops get called bc of his noise so he goes back home jumping on rocks through a fxing river💀

  • It’s just practice, medical malpractice YT
    It’s just practice, medical malpractice YT

    You go outside? Fucking imagine

  • Katie Irving
    Katie Irving

    Make a potato gun that shoots ISnets buddy’s automatically

  • Jakub Rejzek Junior
    Jakub Rejzek Junior

    Make a taser “reminder” which helps you learn the origin of songs played near you. For example when it hears a part of a song it has in its databaze to remind you of it beeps and you must yell the country of origin for that song or be tazed for the amount of ms equal to the averige heard frequency (4-20 seconds on averige) If songs are not your thing make it make random demands from a selection of sounds the wearer has to imitate at random interval. He gets tazed when he gets it wrong or based on how wrong he was.

  • Gamer 123
    Gamer 123

    shoot the cop

  • seven vian
    seven vian

    Logan Paul will love this

  • VR dude
    VR dude

    3:20 how everyone’s parents went to school

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady


  • forgotenhimself _
    forgotenhimself _

    watch 2:10 with video speed at 0.25

  • Alotario The Ultimate
    Alotario The Ultimate

    And remember kids, if he had never made it out of that forest, we wouldn’t be here

  • Cole Beach
    Cole Beach

    Bomb Squad was called

  • Roman Lucas
    Roman Lucas

    Micheal then: Films every cool rock he walks over Michael now: Then I drove across the country to Boston

  • BhabesCanada


  • Quiet and weird Kid
    Quiet and weird Kid

    3 YEARS later i get recommended this. April 9 202.

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee

    And now he’s making a robot dog pee beer

  • Haoui

    Its already been 3 years huh...

  • nemophilist

    michael before crack

  • Fritz

    Seeing this title in 2021 led me to believe Michael was making confetti cannons even more powerful 😂

  • Keanu Chin
    Keanu Chin

    3:00 bruhh 😂😂😂

  • PureSprogs

    You are a youtube buddy.

  • tired cactus
    tired cactus

    "is this technically racist?"

  • Lucky Chloe
    Lucky Chloe

    Anyone from 2021?

  • Bobby Thompson
    Bobby Thompson

    He dose not have a license?? Taking the bus?


    now I can celebrate my gender reveal

  • Ninga 353
    Ninga 353

    I always knew that one day Michael would be running away from the cops

  • Snoopy Dog
    Snoopy Dog

    And now, I present Michael Reeves running from the cops

  • ItsHeckzy

    Legend has it that he now lives with OTV, has a loving GF, and still won't upload

  • Tsuki Edits
    Tsuki Edits


  • Silver Wang
    Silver Wang

    Fill it full of pins and needles to give people instant pins and needles! Like in the face!

  • Alapaap Joda
    Alapaap Joda

    Youre back again on the youtube recommended huh

  • TopGoose

    1:08 Holy shit thats my home in the background. I live across that park.

  • Dominick Jaubin
    Dominick Jaubin

    Lemme guess. You got this in your recommended after 3 years?

  • Mason

    Anyone else here after that guy died from one of these going off at a gender reveal party

  • RedDrop!

    *Meet the demoman*

  • God

    Is your father keanu Reeves?

  • Levyn KHS
    Levyn KHS


  • xuan pham
    xuan pham

    oh god Michael destruction is a thing of beauty 2:08

  • Raphael Albarracin
    Raphael Albarracin

    DemolitionRanch and other gun channels if they don't have guns

  • 7 ten
    7 ten

    Rest In Pieces this channel

  • Kyba McLane
    Kyba McLane

    1:32 sounds like when you hit a Wither in Minecraft.

  • Sawyer's Stuff
    Sawyer's Stuff

    Michael Reeves... evader of the police

  • Michael Reeves Clips
    Michael Reeves Clips


  • Oliver Batliner
    Oliver Batliner

    cringe but good

  • Pato

    I’m the latest commenf

  • Apple Destroyer
    Apple Destroyer

    Three years later and it still slaps

  • justandrew2k

    either I didn't go outside for a looooong time or these clouds are moving fast as shit

  • LlamaLord

    i like that the neighbors think hes killing someone

  • the ultimate knight 123 gamer
    the ultimate knight 123 gamer

    0.5% sane

  • princegamer65

    Wow so this is Michelle??

  • jordan gallen
    jordan gallen


  • SadistFurret420

    imagine a kid finding random youtube buddy in the park and their parents having to explain what it is

  • SadistFurret420

    imagine a parent find a random youtube buddy in the park

  • SupremeVarietyChannel

    Michael is actually still running. He let his twin brother take his identity and the channel

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown

    I think this guy has potential

  • Private

    Found this video from the song where the comments were that they found the song from your video, it’s the CIRCLE of content consumption

  • Rex MAG
    Rex MAG

    Michael was so sober back then

  • Rahul Kadiyal
    Rahul Kadiyal

    Back when Michael was still sane.

  • greidys tejeda
    greidys tejeda

    1k now

  • N.J Media
    N.J Media

    Anyone else got this on their recommended in 2021

  • Jasoon Cordero
    Jasoon Cordero

    whose here in 2021

  • Odd Person
    Odd Person

    recommended after 3 years, I'll happily watch this

  • Jason Mcmechon
    Jason Mcmechon

    Jesus Christ is Lord God of all! God bless you all! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is too difficult for the Lord our God, with Christ, ALL things are possible!

    • Supa Ningastar
      Supa Ningastar


  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    2021 anybody? Got this recommended

  • TheSourLemon

    Uhm....... 3 years later, Why am i getting recomended this....?

  • Lorenzo Andrei L. Santos
    Lorenzo Andrei L. Santos

    He looks like an average Filipino highschool student tf

  • Nathan Lehn
    Nathan Lehn

    I think this guy might be big one day.

    • Aimz

      Ikr mabey he should join em

    • Nathan Lehn
      Nathan Lehn

      He should meet those otv people.

  • Amelia Merkulov
    Amelia Merkulov

    I got this in my recommended almost 3 and a half years later. In either case, nice to know.

  • Reuel John
    Reuel John

    Recommendation: 2019:no 2020:no 2021:NOW!

  • ツDreamieS


  • Oleron

    what if you form the projectile as a frisbee?

  • intergalactic spaghetti
    intergalactic spaghetti


    • TisCris


  • LemonJuice

    *causally runs from police*

  • JhervSkiDoodles

    Hey people im from the future, and michael reeves is doin great right now, he have an adorable girlfriend keeping him from tasing people cuz of the dumb ideas you guys give.

  • Lemon

    0/10, did not see any tazers

    • Josh

      Back in the day, he didn't use tazers. Just Y O U T U B E B U D D I E S

  • Michele Mackey
    Michele Mackey


  • Ruby Wobbs
    Ruby Wobbs

    Man just called me a piece of shit

    • Ruby Wobbs
      Ruby Wobbs

      B r u h

  • Etienne Miranda-Cain
    Etienne Miranda-Cain

    1:26 She said said to him

  • Ava de Luna
    Ava de Luna

    I subbed now where’s me frekin ding ding!

    • Paul Wilby
      Paul Wilby

      Im not a genius but I think you might be a couple years late lol

  • Hheavenn Sky
    Hheavenn Sky

    He's so cute xD

  • Eastkend Tsunayoshi
    Eastkend Tsunayoshi

    he looks like tom holland

  • Kate Paws
    Kate Paws

    Why is Harry Potter doing science things? 🧐

  • Shuu

    The guy in this video had no idea he would date his own roomba

    • Esme Wood
      Esme Wood

      That’s the best fucking thing I have ever read in my entire life!

    • karim fakih
      karim fakih

      😂😂that’s good

  • astew

    The guy in this video had no idea he would get a proper robot dog one day :P

  • RA 015 Entertainment
    RA 015 Entertainment

    Yep..he looks like a Filipino

  • Hani Hanerdene
    Hani Hanerdene

    He sounds so akward

    • Hani Hanerdene
      Hani Hanerdene


  • Leizandre

    bruh why does the sky look so fake in this video lol

    • Ethan


  • VodShod

    Is this guy still alive? His project seem... a little dangerous, not this one specifically, but overall

    • Ethan

      Yep yep and his projects only got more dangerous

  • ϻĦVҜ βЖ
    ϻĦVҜ βЖ

    Ahhh nothing beats going incognito like going across a dim-lit river instead of going the actual path

  • Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
    Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti

    Wow he is doing horror videos now? Like we all know how scary outside world Is right? Even the children have wepons of mass destruction