Building A Laser Baby
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  • Laurence Hamilton
    Laurence Hamilton

    1:26 Michael predicts Ever Given

  • David Leilich
    David Leilich

    i like men

  • Floob

    It would be funny if they copyright strike michael for using footage from their show

  • Andrea Vergani
    Andrea Vergani


  • Rictual

    I’m extremely confused how he knows how to do this like mate wtf I can’t even do math or I don’t even know fucking coding I’m a dumb bitch-

  • Kim Kale
    Kim Kale

    3:50 Michael Reeves getting excited about catching a baby on fire

  • lvl30dragon

    Make a chair that fat shames anyone who sits on it

  • GreyArma

    I like how technically he can just keep that on for like a hour and have it faced up and could just set a bird on fire for no reason

  • Fahd Abdullah
    Fahd Abdullah

    Micheal reeves is the only person dumb enough to trick a multi billion dollar company and then smart enough to succeed it

  • JonahLeHuman

    Released two days before season two.

  • Brendan playz
    Brendan playz

    mark robber and Michal Reeves

  • Brendan playz
    Brendan playz

    Can both of you just work together?

  • newyorker122

    It's like Sid from Toy Story meets Perseus using the head of Medusa.

  • Minikarma Games
    Minikarma Games

    Should have a sniper scope to the babies head

  • Nicole Skinner
    Nicole Skinner

    Micheal Reeves dancing a flaming baby’s corpse. This is my humor!

  • Moira Eunice Albano
    Moira Eunice Albano

    this is so cursed

  • Rey Sharp
    Rey Sharp

    Is he using a flute for a mic.

  • HowTo_ Press
    HowTo_ Press

    0:32 to 0:37 WHATS THE SOONGG

  • Jackbacon123

    This video is basically Michael dunking on Amazon, and getting paid for it.

  • Jacob Roman
    Jacob Roman

    I just started watching this kid, and let me tell you this wasn’t my type of thing, but ......this kid is fucking hilarious!!!!!keep drilling them babies and putting lasers in them, keep up the good work.... never stop, not the baby thing , I mean making awesome videos 👍😂🤣

  • mothity .__
    mothity .__

    best ad ever ngl

  • MrBobeatspants

    Why did i get a baby center ad on this video what the fuck youtube

  • Awayasib

    1:26 Michael just predicted the evergreen ship incident

  • slowed tunes
    slowed tunes

    1:19 IM DEAD!!!

  • Lymari Rivera
    Lymari Rivera

    evil is on his hands

  • TunaSubBackwards

    I'm sure Amazon regretted sponsoring you

  • bruh

    3:45 *there can be only one.*

  • Taylor Bouwmeister
    Taylor Bouwmeister


  • Nova Inferno
    Nova Inferno

    Is this what he’s gonna do if he ever actually has a child

  • Josh Palmz VR
    Josh Palmz VR

    Amazon does not approve this video

  • the hevy
    the hevy

    6:29 man the new ratchet and clank game looks great

  • Gonza Aguayo
    Gonza Aguayo

    Watch videos from Lucas Build The Future! He is insanely creative and smart like Michael Reeves. You who appreciate this video, would love Lucas videos. (Btw, No idea who Lucas is. I know he deserves more views than what he has at the moment)

  • Help me
    Help me

    Omg its the dio cursed orb song from a universal time u copy cat

  • Donald P Paul
    Donald P Paul

    aggressive guy

  • Doggo Da One
    Doggo Da One

    I laughed so hard at the end I accidentally clicked the like button

  • Granola Raspberry
    Granola Raspberry

    Love the yikes shirt, really fits your knees

  • Kid wit a Beanie
    Kid wit a Beanie

    You should make a turret (preferably a flamethrower turret)

  • Dylann

    jeff benon

  • Yufeng yan
    Yufeng yan


  • Blitzo

    Light baby's on fire!

  • tutorial: brush him
    tutorial: brush him

    she gets shot at 7:03 he realizes it at 7:23 it took him 20 seconds to realize she got lasered

  • SpaceBurn

    4:53 I died lol.

  • Overnight Challenges
    Overnight Challenges

    Wait a sec in the background at the end of the video is the song playing help me faith slowed down from far cry 5

  • Mels De Wilde
    Mels De Wilde

    Make a paar gun (deadly)

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry

    The baby is the bad one. They just wanted to watch the show

  • Jaze Buteau
    Jaze Buteau

    Can get a hat for the baby

  • Golden Dia
    Golden Dia

    4:45 He’s embracing his inner Filipino

    • Awayasib

      Is he filipino tho

  • Pablo Silva
    Pablo Silva

    for real tho, the boys is freacking awesome.

  • Cal Riley
    Cal Riley

    Pause at 2:24 its hilarious comment what you thought

  • qwertiedota

    He should bring that baby for an infant care training workshop.

  • Mad Pierro
    Mad Pierro

    Man... Harry ate too much of that gillyweed

  • Dalton Minor
    Dalton Minor


  • santiago uribe manzano
    santiago uribe manzano

    “Time to die, buggy”

  • Jackson Hober
    Jackson Hober

    5:41 How did Michael turn a laser gun into a real gun

  • N07hin9Bu7Gam3s XD
    N07hin9Bu7Gam3s XD

    The baby now looks worse then before....

  • gamertube58

    2:23 jimmy neutron reborn

  • Whitty

    0:10 y o u t u b e r

  • Blackout Studios
    Blackout Studios

    “Simply shake the baby as you would a normal child” -Micheal Reeves Always brings me to tears

  • Rocking Red Gaming
    Rocking Red Gaming

    Jack jack hoooooo

  • Dabi

    Can u make a like a iron man glove that like fuctions i cant spell it

  • Just another Loki stan
    Just another Loki stan

    1:25 now I know where Ever Given Container Ship got its inspiration from.

  • jtxsum

    eddy died

  • Nathan Hernandez
    Nathan Hernandez

    He crawls with the baby dragging on the floor. Top tier parenting


    Why do you look like Harry Potter?

  • Blake Lindsey
    Blake Lindsey

    Dude teach me how to make the blood explody thing for a prank

  • Broakin

    I can't believe he's still after all these inventions..hahahaha lol

  • Pedro Gentil
    Pedro Gentil

    I watched the boys bc of this video, not a joke this video was so fun i had to see what the show was 😂

  • MyarmsRgone

    Michael looks like a half-asian Harry Potter

  • 88Spint

    Saying you have skills that took years to master, when you look like you are 14... is a bit of a stretch m8.

  • kevin duck
    kevin duck

    i'm scared ;~;

  • ThirstyGorilla

    Aggressive baby builds Laser baby

  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoul

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    • Music 4MySoul
      Music 4MySoul

      @Kai Bunyak You're right, I guess I have my own style :)

    • Music 4MySoul
      Music 4MySoul

      @Kai Bunyak I do it to show reverence and respect. But to each their own I guess.

    • Kai Bunyak
      Kai Bunyak

      @Music 4MySoul I’m not saying Jesus is or isn’t higher than some lords out there. I’m saying king doesn’t have to be capitalized, grammatically, for the message to be indicated. Writing “king of kings” conveys the same message as “King of kings.”

    • Music 4MySoul
      Music 4MySoul

      @Kai Bunyak Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh.

    • Music 4MySoul
      Music 4MySoul

      @Kai Bunyak Do you believe any king whose lived, is at the same level as Jesus Christ? The Lord is the King of those kings, and the Lord of lords. He is greater than everyone.

  • Jake Frost
    Jake Frost

    make the fucking app for galaxy a20 damnit@!!!

  • Alex Siddle
    Alex Siddle

    put y nakajima mark rober Mikeal Reeves and the backyard scientist together and we have 4 smart ass dudes not to be fucked with

  • Isaac Vue
    Isaac Vue

    dont shake babies

  • Cây Chanh
    Cây Chanh

    Đáng sợ vãi lồng

  • Romeo Pacuan
    Romeo Pacuan

    your freaking genius! can you make when you fart the iss(International Space Station) will explode?





  • Nolan's world
    Nolan's world

    6:10 AHH MY EYES!!!

  • Aetherisme

    The red glow of the eyes

  • I shot you click me for another life
    I shot you click me for another life

    Me:I want Mark Rober Mom: we have Mark Rober at home Mark Rober at home:

  • Wrrry

    Holy shit dios amulet

  • Chirstin Alvarez
    Chirstin Alvarez

    Make the most powerfulest controller in the world please Michael I swear for real

  • Sleepyboii

    Make bomb out of a Big Mac box

  • Jeopardized 07
    Jeopardized 07

    1:25 unfortunate path of the Evergiven.

  • demon

    the boys more like dababy!!!!! lazer baby more like dababy!!!!!!

  • Zuras

    A sponsor centered video. Hilarious.

  • Diego M
    Diego M

    The mighty tugboat concomitantly rule because leek cytochemically camp since a axiomatic penalty. efficacious, victorious minibus

  • carter vuu
    carter vuu

    question: did you get blood on the couch?

  • Ruzhe Cheng
    Ruzhe Cheng

    1:26 Evergreen?!

  • Korgi bani club
    Korgi bani club

    I'm watching boy!

  • Peracality

    8:05 God, perfection

  • ๏ ώħч јùşţ ώħч ๏
    ๏ ώħч јùşţ ώħч ๏

    1:26 See what I see

  • Dusttale Sans
    Dusttale Sans


  • setbes

    I dare you not to swear cuss words

  • unusual person
    unusual person

    Michael you could have used the baby clothes of the laser baby for your laser baby

  • SH00KETH.

    My take away from this video : *DO NOT SHAKE A CHILD*

  • Juan Ignacio López Tellechea
    Juan Ignacio López Tellechea

    That thing that they said "high power laser", but the high power thing was the receptor, but the first letters were laser was great.

  • ZomBro_BOSS

    This man child has great realaxing music but he is a crack head, god killer in reality